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In any subtraction sum such as 7 - 3 = 4, the number in the solution is called the difference.

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Q: The result when one number is subtracted from another?
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What is the answer when you subtract?

When one number is subtracted from another number, the result is known as the difference.

Result obtained when one number is subtracted from another number is called what?


When two whole numbers are subtracted does it affect the difference?

When you subtract one number from another, the result is called the difference. What does your question mean? If by "when two whole numbers are subtracted" you mean that you subtract one whole number from the minuend, and then you subtract another whole number from the difference, then the answer you get is another difference. In effect, you have one minuend and two subtrahends.

What is the number when the reciprocal of three times a number is subtracted from the reciprocal of the number the result is one sixths?


Can percents be multiplied subtracted added and divided?

They can be added and subtracted. Multiplying one percentage by another usually doesn't make sense (square percent?), and if you divide one percentage by another, you get the ratio between them as a result (the result won't be a percentage in this case).

When one is subtracted away from a certain number the result has factors 12345 and 6. What is the smallest such number?

It is 31.

Why are rational numbers closed in subtraction?

Because when one rational number is subtracted from another rational number the result is a rational number. Don't forget that integers (ℤ) are a subset of rational numbers (ℚ).

When you multiply one number by another number the result is called?

The product.

When four is subtracted from one-fourth of a number the result is 24. What is the original number?

Write an equation, setting: n = "a number"n/4, or (1/4)n = "one-fourth of a number"Then solve it.

The result of subtracting one number from another?

Their difference.

I am the result you get when you divide one number by another?

The quotient

What is the result of dividing one number to another is a?


Can one pointer subtracted from another pointer?


What is result of one number multiplied by another?

The result of one number multiplied by another number would be the product.It depends what number you are using as the another. If its one its 1*1=1, or two 1*2=2, it can go on as long it is 1*____ it would equal what ____ is.

When one number is added to another number the result is called?

It is called the sum

What is the result obtained when one number is divided by another?

the quotient

When you divide one number by another the result is called?

Its quotient.

When you divide one number by another the result is called the?


When you devide one number by another the result is called the?


The ammount that remains after one quantity is subtracted from another?

the difference

I have two different result one is a yes and no result another result is a number result What are these two types of results called?

Binary result

What is twenty one subtracted from a number that is -8?


Why do negative and negative become positive?

A negative and a negative can yield a positive result in some cases.SubtractionSubtracting a negative number is the same as adding its negative value, which is positive. So if the subtracted number is larger in value, the answer will be positive.(-4) - (-3) = (-4) + 3 = (-1) * the subtracted number was not large enough(-4) - (-8) = (-4) + 8 = 4 *the subtracted number was large enough to yield a positiveMultiplication and DivisionWhenever a negative number and a negative number are multiplied or divided, the negative signs "cancel out" and the result is positive.(-2) x (-3) = 6(-6) / (-3) = 2A multiplication or division involving one negative and one positive will, however, have a negative result.

When you divide one number by another number the result is called the?

The result is called the quotient Don't thank me thank my math teacher;)

When one-quarter of a number is subtracted form one-third of the same number the result is 5 what is the number?

(x/3) - (x/4) = 5Multiply each side by 12:4x - 3x = 60x = 60