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The smallest addressable unit of storage on a disk is called a sector.

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Q: The smallest addressable unit of storage on a disk is called a?
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What is the smallest measurement units in order from smallest to largest for a computer?

Some companies like Asus and Samsung have come out with UMPC's (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer). They are normally 8 to 9 inches in diagonal length. They have 7 inch screens, up to 80 gig hard drives, 1 GHz Intel processors, and 1 gig of RAM. Some run Windows Vista. They are amazing little things, but are still full on computers.

What storage media has the fastest access time?

Magnetic disk.

What is stable storage?

Stable storage is a classification of computer data storage technology that guarantees atomicity for any given write operation and allows software to be written that is robust against some hardware and power failures. To be considered atomic, upon reading back a just written-to portion of the disk, the storage subsystem must return either the write data or the data that was on that portion of the disk before the write operation. Most computer disk drives are not considered stable storage because they do not guarantee atomic write; an error could be returned upon subsequent read of the disk where it was just written to in lieu of either the new or prior data.

What is used to store information on a diskette?

There are several mass storage mediums that may be described as a disk (or disc), including floppy-disk, hard-disk and optical disc (CD-ROM, DVD, BluRay). Solid-state drives such as flash drives are not disks; there are no moving parts.

What are the disk shaped sacs suspended in the stroma?

They are called thylakoids.

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What is smallest addressable unit of storage on a disk?

It is called a block (or sector). The size of the block varies depending upon the size of the disk, advanced preferences (the size of files normally being used on that disk), and the filesystem being used. They normally run from 512Bytes to 64KiB. As disk capacity continues to grow, look for even larger block sizes to come :-)

What is the Smallest storage device?

Zip disk

What are the chunks called into which the available storage space on a disk drive is broken?


The most important advantage of disk storage over tape storage?

disk storage-> direct data access storage tape storage -> serial data access storage

Does floppy disk have the least storage capability to computers?

If your asking about them being the smallest capacity of any type of storage median for computers, then yes and no. They really are the smallest "Modern" storage medium for computers. But during the 1980's systems like the Commodore PET and 64 used cassette tapes to store data. Those held about 32KB.

What are hard disk drive?

Hard disk drive is a storage device.its is a non-volatile storage device

What is disk failure?

Disk failure is about the malfunctioning of the disk storage device that is caused by booting the computer from the files. The disk storage device will no longer perform well and it is needed to be troubleshoot.

Is a hard disk a storage?


Is disk drive is storage or input or output device?

Disk drive storage can be both an input and an output device.

High-density floppy disk has a storage capacity of?

The floppy disk which is commonly referred to as a high density floppy disk is a 3.5 inch disk. It has a storage capacity of 1.44 MB.

The actual storage device that acts as a filing cabinet in a computer is called what?

The Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Which has maximum space storage ROM or hard disk?

hard disk