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Q: The sum of the side lenghts of a closed plane figure?
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The distance around a closed plane figure?

The distance around a closed plane figure is called the perimeter. The perimeter of a figure can be calculated by adding together the lengths of each side.

What is a plane figure that serves as one side of a solid figure?

a face.

What is a flat side of a solid figure called?

The plane.

What is a Closed plane figure that is formed by three or more segments called sides Each side intersects exactly two other sides at a vertex?

a polygon

What figure is formed by a terminal side and an initial side?

An angle on the coordinate plane

What is a plane shape that is one side of a solid figure?

a face

What is a closed figure with 3 or more side's with no curves or intersections?

a polegon

What is a 2-dimensional surface with one side called?

A plane figure

How does a seven side figure looks?

It looks like lines stuck together to make a closed figure

What is the plane figure that serves as one side of a solid figure The faces of a cube are square?

It is a regular quadrilateral which is a square

Jake drew a plane figure with three congruent side What is the measure of each angle of the figure?

ur mon

What is a polygon six side and six angels?

a polygon has 6 sids and 6 faces because it is a closed figure and any closed figure has 8 sides or less

When your drawing a figure the figure has one more side and a quadrilateral and one less side than an hexagon?

A plane figure that has one more side than a quadrilateral and one less than a hexagon is a... pentagon.

What is a seven side shape called?

If the "shape" is a plane figure, a heptagon; if a solid, a heptahedron.

What is a decagon?

a plane closed figure with ten sides and ten angles. degree: a unit of measurement of an angle. diagonal of a polygon: a line segment connecting one vertex to another vertex, and not a side of the polygon.

What is the name of the shape with 4 sidesbut different side lenghts?


Two triangles that have the same side lenghts will always be congruent?


What is a polyhedran?

A polyhedran is a 3-dimentional figure that has sides that are polygons. A polygon is a 2-dimentional figure with straight sides, a closed side.

What is quaderateral?

A closed geometric figure with four sides, each side being a straight line

What do you think Circle has how many face?

A circle which is a plane figure, when drawn on a paper has 1 side.

How much water fills in a square of side 10 meter?

A square is a plane figure with no volume.

Why all squares are not congruant?

Congruent means they have the same angles and side lenghts. All squares have the same angles (all at 90*) but not all the same side lenghts; a square can be 5x5x5x5 and another can be 6x6x6x6.

A regular polygon must have equal side lenghts and equal angles?


Will side lenghts 6in and 6in make a triangle?

Only if the 3rd side is equal or less than 6in

What shape has 1 side?

A shape cannot have only one side because it would not be closed. A shape must have at least three sides to be a closed figure (no "gaps")