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41 + 42 = 83

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Q: The sum of two consecutive integers is 83?
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The sum of two consecutive integers is -165?

The numbers are -83 and -82.

The sum of two consecutive odd integers of 164?

81 + 83 = 164

What are two consecutive even integers whose sum is 126?

63+83=126.... hope it helps!

4 consecutive integers whose sum is 336?

There are four consecutive odd integers: 81, 83, 85 and 87.

What are the three consecutive integers whose sum is 246 .?

The numbers are 81, 82 and 83.

Find four consecutive odd integers whose sum is 336?

The integers are 81, 83, 85 and 87.

What are set of three consecutive integers whose sum is 246?

The set is 81, 82 and 83. There is also a set of consecutive even integers whose sum is 246. That set is 80, 82 and 84.

Four consecutive odd integers have a sum of 344?

344/4 = 86, so integers are 83, 85, 87 and 89.

Find two consecutive integers such that the sum of the smaller and 3 times the larger is 330?

x + 3(x +1) = 330 4x = 327 which doesn't give an answer in integers. If question should read "consecutive ODD integers" the answer would be 81 and 83.

What is the sum of three consecutive integers is 246 find all three integers?

The numbers are 81, 82 and 83. Also, 80, 82 and 84

How do you find the 5 consecutive number whose sum is 415?

Divide 415 by 5 = 83 The set of 5 numbers is 83-2, 83-1, 83, 83+1, 83+2 or 81, 82, 83, 84, 85.

What are three consecutive numbers that sum up to 252?

If there are three consecutive numbers which sum to 252, you can find the answer by merely dividing 252 by 3. Then take that number and the two on either side of it. So we get 84, then we take it's neighbors 83 and 85 and we're done. 252.

The sum of the squares of three consecutive odd integers is 83Find the integers?

let's try to construct a formula for this problem we can define the first odd number as X.then the other two numbers would be X+2 and X+4 then the formula would be X^2+(X+2)^2+(X+4)^2=83 Now simplify the sum X^2+(X^2+4X+4)+(X^2+8X+16)-83=0 Now the sum is in quadratic form 3X^2+12X-63=0 Divide by 3, X^2+4X-21=0 So the factors would be (X-3),(X+7) then the X equals to 3 because we only consider the positive integers therefore three constructive odd number of which sum of squares equal to 83 is 3,5 and 7 9+25+49=83 thanks Mafaz ansar

What two prime numbers equal sum of 90?

83+7=90 and 83 and 7 are primes

What is the sum of two prime numbers that equal 85?

83 + 2

Are 97 and 83 consecutive numbers?


What are 2 consecutive integer with sum less than 83?

There are 40 correct answers to that question. They range from (1 and 2) to (40 and 41) .

What two two digit numbers make the sum of 83?

40 and 43, among others.

What are the two prime numbers whose sum is 85?

They are: 83+2 = 85

Four consecutive odd integers whose sum is 336?

Any odd integer can be represented as 2n+1, where n is any integer. The integers, starting with one, always proceed as odd, even, odd, even, etc. Therefore, a consecutive odd would be two more than the first. So 2n+1, 2n+3, 2n+5, and 2n+7 summed to 336. Simple algebra gives n=40, and the four numbers as 81, 83, 85, and 87.

What two numbers add up to be -11 and multiplys to be -72?


Find the sum of 25 and 83?

Find the sum is just another way of expressing add 25 and 83. 25+83=108

The sum of the digits of an odd two-digit number is 11What is the number?

29 or 47 or 65 or 83. 29 or 47 or 65 or 83.

How get 83 and 89?

83 and 89 are prime numbers, so you can't 'get' them via multiplication of integers.

The square root of 83 lies between what number?

Between which two consecutive whole numbers does \sqrt{83} 83 โ€‹ lie? Fill out the sentence below to justify your answer and use your mouse to drag \sqrt{83} 83 โ€‹ to an approximately correct location on the number line.