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An imaginary number is symbolized by the letter i

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Q: The symbol for imaginary numbers is?
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Who was the first to use the symbol for imaginary numbers?

Isaac Newton

Why do imaginary answers occur in quadratic equations?

imaginary numbers occur in the quadratic formula because of the radical symbol, and the possibility of a negative radican and that results in imaginary numbers. I hope this helped!

Are imaginary numbers irrational numbers?

No. Irrational numbers are real numbers, therefore it is not imaginary.

Which of these sets of numbers is not a subset of the real numbers irrational integer rational and imaginary?

Imaginary numbers are not a subset of the real numbers; imaginary means not real.

Can a complex number be imaginary?

Yes, imaginary numbers are a subset of complex numbers.

What is the difference between imaginary numbers and complex numbers?

No difference. The set of complex numbers includes the set of imaginary numbers.

Is the imaginary unit 8i irrational?

No, it is imaginary. Irrational numbers are a subset of real numbers Real numbers and imaginary numbers are sets without any overlap.

Why complex numbers are denoted by the symbol z?

Possibly because x and y are used to denote the real and imaginary parts, respectively.

Why they gave a symbol N for natural numbers?

N stands for natural/normal. it was the first set of numbers ever classified, and was actually only classified after imaginary and complex numbers, coz before that, there was no need.

What are imagery numbers?

imaginary numbers are numbers that are a negative square root, which is not possoble therefor it is called and imaginary number. ex the square root of -24 is an imaginary number

Which number belongs to the set of imaginary numbers 2?

2 does belong to the set of imaginary numbers. Any real number is also imaginary. Imaginary numbers are the set of all numbers that can be expressed as a +b*i where "i" is the square root of negative one and "a" and "b" are both real numbers.

Where did the imaginary number symbol i come from?

"i" stands for imaginary. It represents the square root of -1.