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Q: The total of the angle measures of a----------- is always 180 degrees?
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Interior and exterior angles of a 30 sided polygon?

The total of the interior angles equal 5040, and each angle measures 168 degrees The total of the exterior angles equal 360, and each angle measures 12 degrees

Find the sum of the interior measures of a regular hexagon?

Each interior angle of a regular hexagon measures 120 degrees. It has a total of 720 degrees of interior angles and a total of 360 degrees of exterior angles.

What is the complementary angle for an angle that measures 27 degrees?

Complementary angles total 90°. The complementary angle of 27° is 90 -27 = 63°.

Which set of angle measures total 360 degrees?

The sum of the exterior angles of a polygon add up to 360 degrees.

One exterior angle of a regular ploygon measures 30 what is the sum of the polygon's interior angles measures?

1800 degrees in total

Are one obtuse angle and one acute angle always supplementary?

sometimes,, you can have an odtuse angle 85 degrees and acute 23 degrees which is a total 108 degrees.

In a triangle 2 angles have measures of 45 degrees angle and 85 degrees angle What is the measure of the third angle in this triangle?

50 degrees. 45 and 85 add up to 130 and in a triangle there are 180 degrees in total in a triangle. So subtract and you get 50 degrees.

One acute angle of a right triangle measures 20 degrees what is the measure of the other acute angle?

70 degreesA right triangle has a right angle that measures 90 degrees, and the total number of degrees in a triangle is 180 degrees.180 - 90 leaves 90 for the other two, and 90 - 20 = 70

In the right triangle the ratio of the measures of the two acute anglesis 4 to1What is the measure in degrees of the larger acute angle?

The two acute angles total 90 degrees. If the larger angle is 4 times the smaller angle, then the smaller angle is 18 degrees and the larger angle is 72 degrees (4 x 18 degrees).

One angle of a parallelogram measures 40 degrees and another angle measures 140 degrees what are the measures of the other two angles?

The law of any parallelogram says that the angle of one corner is the same as the angle opposite. So the other angles would also be 40 degrees and 140 degrees. Also note that this neatly adds up to a total of 360 degrees - all 4 sided shapes' angles must add up to 360 degrees, so you can work out the angles of a parallelogram just from knowing one angle.

What is to the nearest degree the measure of a triangle whose sides measures 22 34 and 50?

Angle included by 50 and 34 = 21 degrees Angle included by 34 and 22 = 125 degrees Angle included by 22 and 50 = 34 degrees Total = 180 degrees

The total of the measures of two what angles is 180 degree?

Two right angles (90 degrees each) equal 180 degrees (a straight angle).