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Q: The tree in boris yard is 8 meters high is it in centimeters?
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How High is 8 meters in cenimeters?

It is: 8 meters = 800 centimeters

How high is 3 meters in centimeters?

There are 100cms in 1 metre . 3 meters is 300cms.

If a tree in John's backyard is 6 meters high. How high is it in centimeters?


How high is a kid basketball net?

2 meters 60 centimeters

What is the volume of a room if it is 8 meters wide 5 meters long and 4 meters high?

160 cubic centimeters

If a ceiling is 2.5 cm high and a lamp hanging to 41 cm will a 2 meter guy hit the lamp?

If a ceiling was 2.5 cm high you would not be able to get into the room unless you were an envelope! However if the ceiling was 2.5 meters high then a 2 meter guy would miss the lamp by 459 cm. and thus would not hit it with his head. 2.5 meters = 2500 centimeters 2500 centimeters - 41 centimeters = 2459 centimeters. 2 meters = 2000 centimeters 2459 centimeters = 2000 centimeters = 459 centimeters = 0.459 meter gap between head and light.

How high is 47m?

about 47 meters or 4700 centimeters or 154.199 feet or 1850.388 inches

How high were the the bayeux tapestry linen panels?

The Bayeux tapestry was over 50 centimeters high and 70 meters long

The celeing of the classroom is 300 centimeters above the floor how many meters high is the cealing?

3 meters or 9 feet 10.11 inc

The flagpole is 600 centimeter height . How high is the meter?

600 centimeters equals 6 meters

How high is 1 meter 67 centimeters?

1.67 meters is approximately 5 ft 6 inches.1.67 meters = 5.47900262 feet exactly

What would be the volume of 0.40 meters long 0.20 meters wde an 0.30 meters high?

It would be (0.4 x 0.2 x 0.3) = 0.024 cubic meter = 24,000 cubic centimeters

How much space do 4 cubic meters occupy?

4 cubic meters.a block two meters square and one meter highA cube 158 centimeters on a side.A sphere almost 2 meters in diameter (197cm)

How high is 7 foot?

7 feet = 84 inches 7 feet = 213.36 centimeters 7 feet = 2.13 meters is that what you you were after?

How high is Mount Everest in centimeters?

Mount Everest is 884,773.44 centimeters high.

How high is 3 centimeters?

2 centimeters

What is the volume of a rectangular prism that is 5 centimeters wide 10 centimeters long and 4 centimeters high?

A rectangular prism that is 5 centimeters wide, 10 centimeters long and 4 centimeters high has a volume of 200cm3

How tall is440millimaters?

It is 440 milimeters high. or 0.44 meters high. or 44 centimeters high. or about the height of a chair seat. or the shoulder height of a dog 44cm tall or the same as the diameter of a 17 inch wheel rim.

How many centimeters high is 2.5 meters?

2.5 meters is 250 centimetres, considering that 100(Y) centimetres make a meter, thus half a meter is 50 CM(X) Yx2+X=2.5M

How high is 205ft in meters?

205ft is about 62.48 meters high.

A sunflower was 1.8 meters high one week ago in 7 days it grew 12 centimeters find the current height of the sunflower?

1.92 m

A box is 3 centimeters long 3 centimeters wide and 3 centimeters high How many cubic centimeters?

3x3x3 = 27 cubic centimeters

How high is 7 foot 11 inches in centimeters?

241.3 centimeters.

How much volume does an object have if it measures 13 centimeters long 8 centimeters wide and 5 centimeters high?

520 centimeters.

A statue two meters high has a volume of five cubic meters A similar model of the statue has a height of four centimeters Calculate the volume of the model statue in cubic centimeters?

The volume of similar figures is proportional to the cube of the any linear dimension (such as the height). Therefore, the "similar model" has a volume of (4/2)3 times 5. Since I didn't convert to common units, the answer will already be in cubic centimeters. If you find this method doubtful, you can do the same, but converting everything to centimeters and cubic centimeters. Reminder: a cubic meter has a million cubic centimeters. In this case, the ratio which you have to cube is 4/200.