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not possible

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Q: The volume of a cube is 48 cm what are the lengths of its sides?
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The volume of a cube 48 cm what are the length of its sides?

3.634 cm

How many edges does the cube have If the sum of the lengths of the edges of a cube is 48 What is the volume of the cube?

A cube has 12 edges. With a total length of 48 units, each edge is 48 units ÷ 12 = 4 units volume = edge_length3 = (4 units)3 = 64 cubic units.

If the sum of the edges of a cube is 48 inches. what is the volume of cube?

A cube has 12 edges so each edge is 4 in, making volume 64 cu in.

What is the volume of water that can fill up a cube with a length of 8cm?

48 cm

A rectangle has an area of 48 sq yrds and a side that is 6 yrds what are the lengths of the other sides in yrds?

a=lw 48=6w 48/6=w 8=w the other sides are 8 yards long

What is the volume of a cube with dimensions 3 x 8 x 2 feet?

48 cubic feet

What is the cube root of 48 and 320?

Cube root 48: ~3.634241Cube root 320: ~6.839904

Is a sugar cube equal to a teaspoon?

A standard sugar cube is about the same amount as a teaspoon. But if you need the exact cooking measurement of 1 tsp: The volume of one sugar-cube is equal to one teaspoon or 1/48 cups. It is a unit of measure for volume only.

What is the radius of the sphere if the volume is 16?

Radius = cube root of (48/4*pi) = 1.563185284 Check for volume: 4/3*pi*1.5631852843 = 16 cubic units

If 48 cm and 54 cm are the lengths of two sides of the triangle what is the range of possible values of the third side?

The sum of the 2 smallest sides of a triangle must be greater than the length of its longest side

What is the cube root of 48?

3√48 = 2 3√6 ≈ 3.634

How many cubes of side 2 will you need to fill a 6 cm by 4cm by 2 cm?

Volume to be filled = 6*4*2 = 48 cc Volume of each cube = 2*2*2 = 8 cc Number of cubes = 48/8 = 6

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