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The length of the rectangle is 18cm. The width of the rectangle is 9cm.

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Q: The width of a rectangle is one half its length The perimeter of the rectangle is 54cm What are the width and length of the rectangle?
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The width of a rectangle is one half its length The perimeter of the rectangle is 54cm What re the width and length of the rectangle?

edit: just check answer, answer was wrong

The length of a rectangle with area 54 square centimeters is 9 centimeters. What is the perimeter of the rectangle in centimeters?

if one length is 9cm, the other length must be 6cm to make an area of 54cm. hence the perimeter is 9+9+6+6 = 30cm

What is the length and width of a rectangle whose width is one half its length and perimeter is 54cm?

First, set up a few equations...2w + 2l = 54w = l/2With a little manipulation...l = 2wso therefore6w = 54w = 9and, substituting back in,l = 18

A regular hexagon has 9 cm sides what is its perimeter?


What is the perimeter of a rectangle with 20 cm on top and 7 cm on the side?

20 x 2 = 4007 x 2 = 1440 + 14 = 54cmSo the perimeter is 54cm

The perimeter of a regular hexagon is 54cm What s the length of one side?

9 centimetres,as 54/6 is 9

Does 54cm equal 5.4mm?

False. 54cm = 540mm

What is the total length of 12cm 24cm and 18cm?

12 + 24 + 18 = 54cm (Or 0.54 metres)

What is the area for a rectangle that's 6cm in height and 9cm wide?

the area is 54cm squared. which is a little 2 at the top of where m in the cm finishes.

What is 54cm in millimeters?


Is Cm to mm?

is 54cm=5.4mm

What is 54cms in inches?

54cm is 21.26 inches.

What size is the largest snowflake ever found?


How many centimeters is 21.25 inches?

54cm (almost).

57cm X 54cm X 15 cm equals in inches?

57cm X 54cm X 15 cm equals 7,156 square inches.

54cm is how much in inches?

54 cm = 21.3 inches

How many mm equals 54 cm?

54cm is 540mm

How many inches in 54 cm?

54cm x (1inch/2.54cm) = 21.26inches

What is 1.4 and 54 cm combined in meters?

1.4cm + 54cm = 55.4cm or 0.554m

A parallelogram has an area of 54cmโ‚‚ and a base of 5cm find the height?

10.8 cm :)

Is this true or false 54cm 5.4 mm?

yes,it is true...... 5.4mm = 54 cm

What is 54cm in medical term?

The measurement 54 centimeters has the same meaning in medical and common language.

Serial number for the 54cm 2007 cannondale six13 slice si 1 model?


Is 54 cm equals 5.4 mm?

No. 54cm = 540mm (multiply cm x 10 to get mm)

If a meter stick is broke in two pieces and one half is 54cm how long is the other half?