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It is in the 20th century.

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Q: The year 1970 is part of which century?
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Is the year 1970 in the 21st century?

No - the year 1970 was in the 20th century.

Which century is 1950 in?

The year 1950 is part of the 20th Century.

What century is 1874 a part of?

The year 1874 is in the 19th. century. The 19th. century is from 1801-1900.

What does the year 1970 represent in Chinese New Year?

1970 is the Year of the Dog for the most part (after Chinese New Year on 6 Feb 1970). The preceding year 1969 is Rooster, which was carried into 1970 until the month of Feb.

What year marlin 39 century ltd 22 rifle made serial nunber17169?

The Marlin 39 Century Ltd was produced in 1970 to commemerate the 100th year of the company.

Is 2010 a century?

No, 2010 is either a number, or a year within a century. A century consists of 100 years. 2010 is part of the 21st century.

What year was the Marlin 39 Century Ltd 22 s l lr made?

Marlin 39 Century Ltd were made in 1970. Some Special editions were dated 1971 but were made in 1970. I hope this helps.

What centry was 1970 in?

The 20th Century

What century is 234 in?

The third century is from year 201 to year 300.The third century is from year 201 to year 300.The third century is from year 201 to year 300.The third century is from year 201 to year 300.

If im 39 years old what year was i born?

You were born in the year 1970.

What century was 1511?

year 1 to year 100 = first century year 101 to year 200 = second century year 201 to year 300 = third century and so on to year 1501 to year 1600 = sixteenth century So, 1511 was early in the sixteenth century

What year was a marlin 39 century ltd rifle with serial nunber 10006 made?

Marlin made the Model 39 Century Limited in 1970. That's why it is called the Century Limited, it was made to celebrate Marlin's 100th anniversary. Get it?

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