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Trees, like all living things, reproduce. Left to their own devices trees will make more trees.

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โˆ™ 2021-09-21 17:37:23
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Q: Ther use to only be one tree in my yared there is now 4 i did not plant any why is there 4?
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Can you plant maple tree seeds in compost only?


Where Can you plant a coconut tree on animal crossingsds?

i think you can only plant them along the beaches

Is there a tree called the Shirley tree?

The only Shirley I know of in the plant world are Shirley Poppies.

What grows faster a tree or a plant?

A plant a plant is a tree

What tree releases carbon dioxide?

Every plant and tree does this only while the process of decay is active.

Is a tree a vascular plant?

A tree is a vascular plant.

Is there such thing as a bubblegum tree?

no bubble gum is not a plant it is only a flavor

Is a Red Maple tree a vascular plant?

Only if it has long tubes that carry water and nutrients throughout the tree

How a tree plant grow?

we have a tree at home and you have a plant at home put the plant by the tree water them together and then you have a tree plant this may take about 20 weeks for it to start to grow.........try it

Tree is to sapling as plant is to what?

Tree is to sapling as plant is to seedling.

Is cherry plant a tree?

Yes, a cherry plant is a tree!

How do you make a tree in little alchemy game?

Plant + Plant = Tree

Why coconut tree is not a plant?

The coconut tree is a plant.

What is an old hickory tree?

Carya ovata is a tree ( higher then 12m ) Its makes only one straight root and that makes it difficult to re-plant it. Only in containers you can plant it.Old hickory wood is strong wood for tools. And the Old hickory division is named by the Old Hickory tree

Is plant life found in a local park safe for a pet tree frog?

ONLY if the tree frog came from the same place !

Is a tree the same as a plant?

A tree is a kind of plant. If it manufactures food for itself via is a plant.

Is a banana tree a tree or a plant?

A banana is not a tree, is is the worlds tallest herbaceous plantBananas are the largest flowering herbaceous plant. They are not trees.

How do you plant a coconut tree outside?

i want to know how we plant coconut tree

Is the rain tree a flowering plant?

Yes. The rain tree is a flowering plant.

When was The Big Tree Plant created?

The Big Tree Plant was created in 2010.

Is lime tree a monocot or dicot plant?

A lime tree is a dicot plant

How can you plant 3 trees in a equidistant but not in a same line without a measuring scale?

You plant tree one. Then plant tree two. Make a measurement from tree 1 to tree 2. Then draw a circle in the same distance around tree 1 and tree 2. The point where they meet is where you should plant tree 3 (and/or 4)

Which plant bears seeds not fruits?

options : Pine Tree, Peepal Tree, Cotton Plant and Eucalyptus Tree Ans : Pine Tree

Is the palm tree a tree or a plant?

All trees are plants, but the palm "tree" isn't considered a tree. It is a very large, tall plant.

Is ther a name for a knot on a tree branch that starts with a gn?