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Q: There is only one type of cave in the entire wold true or false?
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True or false a total solar eclipse is visible at all spots on earth?

False. It is visible to only some parts of the world but not the entire planet.

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Only True

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is it true or false a biopsy is first performed for malignances only

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You can see one side of the moon, but not the whole, entire thing.

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the answer is false

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Assuming that you mean not (p or q) if and only if P ~(PVQ)--> P so now construct a truth table, (just place it vertical since i cannot place it vertical through here.) P True True False False Q True False True False (PVQ) True True True False ~(PVQ) False False False True ~(PVQ)-->P True True True False if it's ~(P^Q) -->P then it's, P True True False False Q True False True False (P^Q) True False False False ~(P^Q) False True True True ~(P^Q)-->P True True False False

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False! Nearly the entire continent of Antarctica is desert.

Can a condition for a cell only be true or false in Excel?

The result of evaluating a condition is always true or false.

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true 4 all the a+ users

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