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First find half the students -1398 divided by 2 = 699. Take 25 off that and you get the answer.

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Q: There are 1398 students in school there 50 more girls than boys how many boys are there?
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If there are nine boys to every ten girls There are 2622 students at the school How many are girls?

1380 girls.

What percent of Westside High School students are girls 540 boys 360 girls?


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How many students are girls in Blueprint?

THIS IS NOT A ANSWER THIS IS JUST THE WORD PROBLEM! There are 340 students in Blueprint Middle School, 40% are boys. How many students are girls in Blueprint?

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Stuyvesant High School has both male and female students.

A school has 1500 students There are 2 x as many girls than boys How many girls and boys are in the school?

Suppose there are b boys in the school. Then there are 2*b girls. So there are 2b + b = 3b girls and boys 3b = 1500 so b = 500 and then 2b = 1000 So there are 500 boys and 1000 girls.

The high school band has a ratio of 3 girls to 2 boys If there are 30 girls in the band how many total students are in the band?

50 students

In the fifth grade at Lenape Elementary School there are three fourths as many girls as there are boys. There are 63 students in the fifth grade. How many students are girls?

27 are girls.

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Pleease help mee :) LOL.

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There are eighty students in a school. If forty percent of the students are boys how many girls are in the school?

80 = 100% 8 = 10% 32 = 40% 80 - 32 = 48

Jean said there were 1634 students in river ridge middle school Mr Brown said that there were 72 more girls than boys How many girls attend river ridge middle school?

There are 853 girls & 781 boys.

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