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100 girls

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Q: There are 140 students There are 60 more girls than boys.How many girls?
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There is 110 students there are 50 more boys than girls how many girls are there how many boys?

80 boys and 30 girls

If you have 48 students in your class and there were 12 more girls how many boys and girls are ther?

18 boys 30 girls

There are three times more girls in the class than boys. There are 24 students in the class. How many girls are in the class?

There are 18 girls and 6 boys in the class of 24 students

How many students are there altogether if 38 of the students are girls and there are 90 more boys than girls?

Since 38+90=128 128+38 = 166 So there is 166 students

Mrs.coopers fifth grade class has 11 more girls than boys there are 35 students in all how many girls are there?

There is 23 girls and 12 boys

If there are 8 more boys than girls on a bus and one half of the boys are sitting next to a window how many students are on the bus if 12 boys are not by a window?

24 boys, 16 girls, which equals 40 students.

If there are a total of 910 students at a school and the ratio from boys to girls is 4 to 3 how many more boys than girls are in the school?

130 More. Please upvote and make me brainiest.👍

Total no of students in a school is 1650.70 how many girls are in the school?

maybe about half or more than a half i would say more than a half.

There are 812 students in a school there are 36 more girls than boys how many girls are there?

812-36=776 776(divided by)2=388 388+36=424 There are 424 girls in the school....

There are 1398 students in school there 50 more girls than boys how many boys are there?

First find half the students -1398 divided by 2 = 699. Take 25 off that and you get the answer.

In the chorus there are 12 more girls than boys there are 32 students in all how many are boys how many are girls choice of number of boys is 81012?

Well, that answer is over a number that never ends.10boys 22girls.

Jean said there were 1634 students in river ridge middle school Mr Brown said that there were 72 more girls than boys How many girls attend river ridge middle school?

There are 853 girls & 781 boys.