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Q: There are 21 players per team. Find the numbers of players on 6 teams?
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What is the maximum number of NHL teams?

There does not seem to be information on the maximum number of NHL teams in the league. However, the maximum numbers of players on an NHL team is eighty players.

Using math is there a way to divide 20 players into teams of 4 without using the players on a team more than once?

20 / 4 = 5. Therefore, you have four teams with five players in each team or five teams with four players in each of team.

How man players are they on a baseball team?

two teams of nine players each

Which NHL team has no American players?

All of the teams in the NHL have American players.

What team has 11 players in it?

All teams that are soccer or football franchises have 11 players.

How do you find local football teams?

look on and then write your post code or write your team name and then just do what they say it will show you the team or the teams and you should contact those teams and you might get lucky and they might be looking for new players.

The Olympic US beach volleyball team has how many team members?

Two players are on each team. For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the US has eight players, two mens teams and two womens teams.

what is total numbers of players on both teams in a baseball game?

A minimum of 9 on each team for a total of 18 in the National League and 10 players on each team for a total of 20 in the American league. In the MLB each team can have 40 players on their roster. But they can only have 25 players at a game. So the two teams together will have 50 total players. During a game there can only be a maximum of 13 players on the field at any given moment. 9 defensive and 4 offensive.

How are football teams grouped?

In the NFL draft, teams select players from collage to go to their team.

How many different pairs of players can be made from two cricket teams one team with 6 players one team with 9 players?

It depends on whether pairs can consist of players from the same team.

How many players make 10 million?

10,000 teams with 1,000 players on each team

How many players would you find in a basketball team?

There are 5 players in a basketball team. There should be five players who start, but there are usually at least 12 total players. The starting five are the best of the team, but when they get tired, they need replacements and backup, which is where the other 7 come in, literally.