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There are: 148/250 times 100/1 = 59.2% or about 60% with brown hair

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Q: There are 250 people at the mall and 148 have brown hair approximately what percent of the people have brown hair?
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What is the percent of redheads in the world?

Approximately two percent of the world wide population has red hair. It is not found in Asian or African ancestry. It is only found in those of European extraction.

My mom n i have dark brown hair my dad has black hair both my grandparents have dark hair my boyfriend n his sister have light brown hair n his mom has blond hair what color hair will the baby have?

If the females parents both have dark brown hair and the males parents both have light brown hair, their is a 50/50 chance of having either colour hair. Although if that is not the case, the child could have blonde hair if one of the grandparents has blonde hair also, there is not a definite hair colour. It is all down to chance.

Can a newborn baby hair turn black if born with dark brown hair if dad has black hair and mom has brown hair?

Yes. The color of a newborn's hair can be different (almost always lighter) than the eventual adult hair color.

What is the radius of a human hair?

100 microns or approximately o.1 millimetre

Why is sample preferred to population?

Sample is preferred to population because observing the population can be impossible due to its size. You take a random sample of the population and, with statistics, you can infer things about that population to various degrees of confidence based on the sample size and on other knowledge about the population. For instance, if you wanted to know how many people on earth have brown hair, you would not check all 6 billion people - you would create a sample set, say a few hundred, thousand, or whatever - count the number with brown hair - and then run your calculations.

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What is the percentage of people with brown hair in the US?

56 percent of the people in the United States have brown hair. This includes a majority of the Americans who identify as White or Caucasian, plus a few who identify as other races.

Is hair approximately 60 percent protein?


Suppose that brown hair color is dominant over red hair color in humans Which of the statements is true?

If brown hair is dominant over red hair, then a person who is heterozygous for brown hair will have a brown hair phenotype. Red-haired offspring with two brown-haired parents are fairly common.

What hair color do Finnish people have?

The most common Finnish eye colours are blue and brown, so yes.

If 55 percent of a group have brown hair and 80 percent of the same group do not have red hair what fraction of those who do not have brown hair have red hair?

20 % of group have red hair (100-80), or say 20 persons. 55 have brown, and there is a total of 100 persons. 100-55= 45 do not have brown, so 20/24 =5/6Sounds right.

Is everyones hair brown when they are born?

no, not everyone has brown hair when they are born, some people have blonde hair, some people have black hair and some people have orange hair when they are born.

What are the characteristics of china?

People in China's characteristics are: brown and black hair. there hair natural hair colors are: black, brown, brightish brown, white and brownish blond. People in China's characteristics are: brown and black hair. there hair natural hair colors are: black, brown, brightish brown, white and brownish blond.

In what regions will you find people with brown hair?

You will find people with brown hair in almost all regions of the world. Europe and North America have large numbers of people with brown hair as does Australia.

What dominant and recessive traits do Irish people have?

Only approximately 10 percent of the Irish are redheaded and red hair is a recessive trait.

What percentage of people have dark hair?

33% is the number. This is because redheads come out of the birth canal bottom first.

Can light brown hair people have baby with black hair?

If someone if the family in previous generations had black hair, then it is a possibility that the people with light brown hair have a baby with black hair.

What do you call a person with black hair or brown hair because people with blonde hair are called blondes and red hair are called redheads but can you go around calling people with black hair blacks?

people with brown hair are brunettes, but i am not sure about people with black hair.