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there are 2 whole bagels and three-fourths of a third bagels. write a mixed number that represents the amount of bagels

2017-03-16 23:50:07
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Is a value a number that represents a quantity or an amount?

Yes, a value can represent a quantity or amount.

If x represents the amount Rita earns each week which expression represents the amount she earns in a year?

The amount she earns in a year is the number of weeks in a year (52) times the amount she makes in 1 week:Β  52x

What is the definittion of denominator?

The denominator is the bottoms number and represents the total or whole amount.

What is the difference between a numeral and a number?

A numeral is the symbol or word that represents the number, while a number is the actual amount of the numeral.

What is the phone number of Sid's Bagels?

Sid's Bagels Fragel Inc.'s phone # is (734) 332-1555

How can you determine the number of neutrons in the atom?

The Atomic number represents the number of protons and electrons in an element, and the atomic mass represents the number of protons added to the number to the neutrons. Therefore if you have the atomic mass and atomic number of an element you can easily find the amount of neutrons in an element

Bagels are cooked in batches of 60.Can the batches be divided into groups that contain 2 bagels each 3 bagels 4 bagels 5 bagels 6 bagels 9 bagels 10 bagels?

This is a basic math question. I won't answer it for you since you won't learn anything but... I will tell you how to answer it yourself. Divide each number into 60. 60 divided by 2=30 ...since there is can be divided equally the answer is YES 60 divided by 3= 20 .... once again it can be divided equally so the answer is YES 60 divided by 4= ??? etc....

What number represents the same amount as 2 hundred plus 12 tens plus 6 ones?


What is a letter that represents a number?

A letter that represents a number is called a variable.

Which number in the folowing group of numbers represents the smallest amount 222 9 73 2 4 49?


What does the coefficient represent in a chemical formula?

It represents the amount of the substance. It can mean the number of atoms, molecules, formula units, or moles.

What is the term that represents the number of chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell prior to mitosis?

Haploid. The term used to represent the amount after mitosis is "Diploid".

Which number in the following group of numbers represents the smallest amount?

We aren't going to be able to answer this accurately if you don't tell us what the numbers are.

Matrix M shows the number of each type of music CD that Jeremy bought. Matrix C represents the cost of each type of CD. The product MC represents the total amount he spent on the CDs. How much did Jeremy spend?


What is the difference between atomic number and atomic number?

atomic number represents the protons. mass number represents protons and neutrons.

How do you find how many protons electrons and neutrons are in an atom?

Look up a periodic table. Pick an element. The smaller number on that element is the atomic number. This represents the amount of protons and electrons (each) in the element. The larger number is mass number. This is protons and neutrons. Take the larger from the smaller number to get the amount of neutrons.

In the number 743.25 which digit represents the tenths space?

in the number 743.25 which digit represents the space?

What number represents the subscript of 5H2?

1.What number represents the coeffcient 5H2? 2.What does the corffcient 5H2?

Atomic number equals protons?

atomic number represents the protons. Mass number represents neutrons and protons togethor.

What is binary 11111111 represents what base ten number?

The binary number 11111111 represents the number 255 in base 10.

What are What are facts about the number 4?

it has the same amount of letters in the word as the amount the number 4 represents. 'four' has 4 letters. it is the only number known to be able to do that.The digit 4 on an LCD calculator is made up of 4 barsit is the 3rd digit of pie... that's all

How many bagels stacked would it take to reach the top of the Sears Tower?

Assuming you mean stacked flat with the holes up the middle: Bagels are between 1¼ in and 1½ in in thickness Depending upon source the Sears Tower is 1451 or 1454 ft tall. So I'll give you a range of the minimum (based on thickest bagels and shortest measurement) and maximum (based on thinnest bagels and tallest measurement) number of bagels: 1 ft = 12 in Minimum: 1451 ft ÷ 1½ in = 1451 × 12 ÷ 1½ = 11,608 bagels Maximum: 1454 ft ÷ 1¼ in = 1451 × 12 ÷ 1¼ = 13,958 bagels So it will take somewhere between about 11,600 bagels and about 14,000 bagels. Using the mean average of these leads to about 12,800 bagels being required. Note that the above assumes that the bagels (especially those at the bottom) are strong enough not to compress under the weight of the bagels above them. How much does that stack of bagels weigh? The source used for the bagels above states the 1½ inch thick bagel weighs 4 oz, the 1¼ inch thick bagel weighs 2.7 oz. Thus the 11,608 bagels 1½ inch thick weigh 46,432 oz = 2902 lb ≈ 1.5 short tons; and the 13,958 bagels 1¼ inch thick weigh 40965 oz ≈ 2560 lb ≈ 1.3 short tons Which means the stack of bagels will weigh about 1.4 short tons.

What does the atomic number of an element represents?

It represents the number of Protons (p+) that element has in the nucleus of one atom.

Which letter of the alphabet represents the number 10 in roman numerals?

The letter 'X' represents the number 10.

What number represents the digit in the hundreds place of the number 1098?

The digit of 0 represents the hundreds place