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Ten dozen

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Q: There are a gross of apples in a crate you take 2 dozen of them how many are left?
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There are a gross of apples in a crate and you take two dozon of them how many are left?

1 gross = 12 dozen = 144 If there are initially 12 dozen in the crate, and 2 dozen are removed, then 10 dozen = 120 remain in the crate.

There are a gross of apples in a crate and you take two dozen of them how many are left?

1 gross=12 dozen... so if u take out 2 dozen thate leaves u with 10 dozen apples..

If you have a dozen of apples in a basket If you take half of them but put three back in the basket how many do you have left?

A dozen apples is 12 apples. Here is how you solve it. 12-6+3 =6+3 =9 apples. You will get nine apples.

If you push on a heavy crate to the right and it slides what is the direction of friction on the crate?

to the left

If Johnny had 500 apples and gave 371 apples to Amy then how many apples does Johnny have left?

Johnny has 139 apples left

You beak 5 eggs out of a dozen How many are left?

You are left with 7 because in a dozen, you have 12 of that object. Thus if you break 5 eggs from the dozen you are left with 7.

If there are 6 apples and you take away 4 How many apples do you have left?

2 apples left

If you take out 2 apples containing 6 how many do you have left?

4 apples left

What happens when you take 3 apples from 5 apples?

You will have 3 apples, and there will be 2 apples left.

Take 2 apples from 5 apples how many are left?

3 apples

Johnny had 12 apples, he shared 5 of them with he friends. How many apples does he have left?

The equation is (12 - 5 =) 7 apples left.

Why does your dog poop in his crate?

because you did not let him out. Sometimes if the crate is too big for the dog they will still eliminate in it when being trained. As long as the dog was not left in the crate too long is should not go in it's crate.

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