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thermal and gravitational and gravitational potential and kinetic and poential and sound and mechanical energy is found in a saxaphone.

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Q: Thermal gravitational gravitational potential kinetic potential sound and mechanical energy is found in a saxophone?
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The mechanical energy of a coconut falling from a tree A. gravitational potential energy B. Chemical potential enregy C. thermal energy D. mechnaical energy?

Objects that can fall have a gravitational potential energy! so the answer is A.

What are some different types of energy?

- mechanical - sound - static - kinetic - potential - chemical - nuclear - thermal - electrical - light - gravitational - solar - wind

Friction frequently causes some of an objects mechanical energy to be changed to what form?

A. thermal energy B. nuclear energy C. gravitational potential energy D. Chemical potential energy the correct answer will be A. thermal energy because friction cause heat that what cause thermal energy.

What are the 8 main forms of energy?

Mechanical Energy, Gravitational Potential Energy, Electrical Potential Energy, Elastic Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Thermal Energy, Electromagnetic Energy, and Nuclear Energy are the ones that I know.

Which internal energy source produces heat by converting gravitational potential energy into thermal energy?

Which internal energy source produces heat by converting gravitational potential energy into thermal energy?

Identify five types of energy?

Mechanical, thermal, gravitational, kinetic, nuclear

Give five Example of forms of energy?

Potential,Kinetic,Light,Sound,Electric,Mechanical,Gravitational Force Potential Examples of changing Energy Light to electric, electric to mechanical, mechanical to sound

What energy does the sun have?

mechanical, potential, kinetic, nuclear and thermal

Does friction causes mechanical energy to be transformed into potential energy?


What is energy types?

Thermal electrical radiant Nuclear potential Kinetic sound Chemical elastic Gravitational potential

What are the 10 forms of energy?

They are; Kinetic Energy (from moving objects), Gravitational Potential Energy (possessed by anything on a height), Elastic Potential Energy (possessed by squashed or stretched objects), Electrical, Magnetic, Mechanical, Heat/Thermal, Nuclear, Chemical, and Light.

What are four energy's?

Would you be talking about Potential or Kinetic Energy? In one case there are more than four forms of it. In potential, we have Chemical, Stored Mechanical, Nuclear and Gravitational. In kinetic, we have Electrical, Radiant, Thermal, Motion and Sound I know what the answer is it is light, heat, sound and mechanical energy!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This correction under mine is incredibly incorrect.