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Five pound notes. Five toes. Five fingers. Five a side football team. A bunch of Fives (fist) Quintuplets (five babies)

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Q: Things that come in fives
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What are some things that come in groups of fives?


What are some things that only come in groups of fives?

The fingers on your hand!

What are some things that come in fives?

Five bar gate Quintuplets

What things come in a bunch?

In the UK we can have a bunch of flowers, a bunch of bananas or a bunch of fives (meaning a clenched fist)

Which things come in bunches?

Flowers, grapes and bananas. Hair, stuff and cheese ????? In the UK a bunch of fives is a fist or a punch.

What things come in fives?

your fingers, and your toes fingers,toes,nickel,five dollar bill, and a five letter name Great Lakes

If a fives book of twilight is coming up?

Midnight Sun. But it might not come out.

Is periwinkle a monocot or a dicot?

Periwinkles ar dicots, because they come in parts of fives

What are some examples of things that come in bunches?

Bunch of flowers Bunch of fives (fist) Thanks a bunch. Bunch of grapes Bunch of bananas

What is the probability that 6 rolls of a fair die will show exactly three fives?

The probability of getting three fives in the first three rolls and non-fives in the next three rolls is; P(5,5,5,N5,N5,N5) = 1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6 x 5/6 x 5/6 x 5/6 = 0.002679... The number of different order in which the fives can come out is given by; 6C3 = 6!/[3!∙(6-3)!] = 20 So the probability that in 6 rolls of a fair die exactly three fives (in any order) will come out is; P(three fives any order) = (20)∙(1/6)3∙(5/6)3 = 0.05358... ~ 5.4%

What do the fives get in The Giver?

The fives start to learn independence.

How many fives in 100?

100/5= 20

What things are found in groups of five?

The Jackson 5, High-Fives, 5-Alive... nothing I got nothing.

What is 3 fives of 40?

3 fives of 40 = 15 of 40 = 6003 fives of 40 = 15 of 40 = 6003 fives of 40 = 15 of 40 = 6003 fives of 40 = 15 of 40 = 600

How many fives in 455?

there is 91 fives in 455

When was SC Fives created?

SC Fives was created in 1901.

When did SC Fives end?

SC Fives ended in 1944.

When was Eton Fives created?

Eton Fives was created in 1877.

When was The Hi-Fives created?

The Hi-Fives was created in 1994.

When was Darragh Fives born?

Darragh Fives was born in 1992.

How tall is Billy Fives?

Billy Fives is 5' 11".

What is two fives in a percentage?

Two fives = 10 = 1,000%

How many 5's can you take away from 20?

4 fives, which would leave you with 0.4 fives, which would leave you with 0.4 fives, which would leave you with 0.4 fives, which would leave you with 0.4 fives, which would leave you with 0.4 fives, which would leave you with 0.

Oakley fives squared lens and fives 3.0 are the same?


How many fives are equal to 2.75p?

It is : 55 FIVES.