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for my everyday life i would go to school learn and then i would have the rest of the dat fun

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Q: Things you do in your life that reflect in your everyday life?
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What are things that don't reflect light?

Nothing except a black hole reflects no light. In everyday life, dull, black objects reflect very little.

How do you have fun everyday?

Just enjoy life everyday and love the simple things in life.

How does Andy Warhol's artwork reflect the world in which he lived?

The consumer society was mirrored in the everyday things he painted.

What things are acidic everyday life?

yo mumma

How do you reflect on a story?

Reflection is thinking about something deeply. You reflect by asking yourself what things mean to you, what emotion you felt, and how things might affect your life.

What are everyday things that exist by science?

What are three examples of science that occur or exist in everyday life and why

Examples of unnatural polymers that are used in everyday life?

Things, more things and other things

What are things that you use in everyday life in space exploration?


How do you recognize Christ in your everyday life?

When living your everyday life, look at the things that God puts in your life like family and friends.. but to see Christ in your everyday life look at the way u live. if you are saved then your life should reflect christs life. your willingness to help others, your freedom to give when others are in need, neglecting yourself and your needs for the sake of others. that is seeing christ in your everyday life. also, if you are willing to pray for others or for things going on in our country and in our churches. The bible says if a man will come after me let him first deny himself take up his cross and follow me daily. denying yourself to help others that is christ in your life.

How is antimony used in everyday life?

In stoves, guns, things like that

How do you use classification in your everyday life?

we use classification in our everyday life by putting things in categorizes food groups, animals, and plants and many more.

How is gemetroy used in everyday life?

for measuring things like buildings i think

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