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Q: Three fifths of the students watching a basketball game were seventh graders what percent were not seventh graders?
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25 percent of the fifth graders went to see the space exhibit how many students is that?


Of the sixth grade students surveyed 12 percent bring their lunches to school suppose 24 sixth graders do this how many sixth graders are at the school?

Since 24 six graders who bring their lunch to school are 12% of the total number of six grade students, then the total numbers of these students is 200 (24 ÷ .12).

In a school, 22% of the students are sixth graders. What is the probability that a randomly chosen student will not be a sixth grader?

50 percent

What percent of Americans watch or play basketball?

Watching basketball involves your eyes and a tv playing reqires a face and your mo

If There are 87 students in the sixth grade34 percent of the sixth graders participate in after school activities about how many sixth-grade students participate in after school actvities?


In a school of 625 students 44 percent are in the fourth grade How many fourth graders go to the school?

275 fourth graders go to that school because 625 times .44 is 275

90 percent of the 8th grade class at a middle school vote for Nikki as class president if 270 students voted for her how many eighth graders go to the middle school?

300 eighth graders

In springfield Middle School there are 270 sixth grade students and 270 seventh grade students and 250 eight grade students What percent of the students are in eight grade?

31%. first you add all the numbers then divide it by how many 8th graders there are.

Do 6th graders play sports?

71 percent of them do

What percent of 8th graders smoke in America?


If there are 90 sixth graders and 70 percent of them are in a play how many sixth graders are in the play?

There are 63 sixth graders in the play - 90*70% = 63.

How many 8th graders do drugs in the us?

over 15.3 percent of eighth graders smoke or smoked in 2012.

How much teens smoke cigarettes?

The good news is that smoking is at historically low levels among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders, according to NIDA's Monitoring the Future study. In 2012, rates for smoking in the past month were reported as 17.1 percent for 12th graders, 10.8 percent for 10th graders, and 4.9 percent for 8th graders.

What percent of tenth and 12th graders smoked cigarettes in the last month of year 1996?

What percent of 10th and 12th graders smoked cigarettes in the last month of year 1996?

What is 10 percent of 60 students?

10 percent of 60 students is 6 students.

Hampton Middle School is expecting 376 sixth-graders next year This is 40 percent if the expected school enrollment How many students are expected to enroll in the school year?

376*40=150.40 150.40=150 Answer: 150 students

What percent of eighth graders smoke cigarettes in United States?


What is the percentage of foul shots for 8th graders?

75 percent, a guest.

What percent of college students are women?

57% percent of college students are women

Percent of playing basketball?

69 percent of canadians

What percent of middle school students are bullied?

what percent of middle school students get bullied?

72 students is 80 percent of how many students?

72 is 80 percent of 90.

32 students is 80 percent of how many students?

100 students

What percent is 80 students out of 645 students?


What percent of 6th graders have cell phones and why?

About 87% percent since they use them to play games, check their grades, instagram, and text.

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