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Q: Throughput time cannot be reduced in a process by?
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What is the difference between turn arround time throughput in dbms?

Turn Around Time : It is that amount of time a process takes from when a request was submitted until the first response is produced. Throughput : It is that amount of time a process takes to complete its execution.

How do you calculate throughput?

Throughput in manufacturing or in queuing problems is calculated through the following formula: Throughput time (Tt) = Work in process (WiP) X Cycle time (Ct)*where WiP represents work in process or persons in a queue* and Ct represents the time it takes for a product to go through the manufacturing processes or for a person to join and leave a queue after being served.e.g. If it takes 2 minutes to get served coffee in a restaurant and there are 10 people in the queueTt = WiP x Ct : 10 x 2 = 20minThe throughput time tells that it will take the last man 20minutes to get served from the moment he joins the queue.

How to calculate throughput in operating system?

1) Throughput: It's the number of processes completed per unit time. 2) Turnaround time: Mean time from submission to completion of process. 3) Waiting time: Amount of time spent ready to run but not running. 4) Response time: Time between submission of requests and first response to the request.

Would maximising throughput necessarily mean maximising turnaround time?

No, maximising throughput does not necessarily mean maximising turnaround time. Throughput is a measure of how many operations can be performed in a period of time. Turnaround is a measure of how long it takes to perform an operation. If you optimize latency and/or overhead, you can increase throughput and decrease turnaround time. On the other hand, if you create parallel processing, you can increase throughput without decreasing turnaround.

What is difference between throughput and flowrate?

Throughput andflowrate both express the quantity or a substance per unit time passed through a specific volume. There are two notable differences though. They are that flowrate is usually only used when referring to fluids and throughput is more suitable when considering the feedstock charged through process equipment not just conduit volumes.

What are the scheduling criteria for CPU scheduling?

CPU Scheduling Criteria: There are many scheduling algorithms and various criteria to judge their performance. Different algorithms may favor different types of processes. Some criteria are. as follows: • CPU utilization: CPU must be as busy as possible in performing different tasks. CPU utilization is more important in real-time system and multi-programmed systems. • Throughput: The number of processes executed in a specified time period is called throughput. The throughput increases .for short processes. It decreases if the size of processes is huge. • Turnaround Time: The amount of time that is needed to execute a process is called turnaround time. It is the actual job time plus the waiting time. • Waiting Time: The amount of time the process has waited is called waiting time. It is the turnaround time minus actual job time. • Response Time: The amount of time between a request is Submitted and the first response is produced is called response time. A CPU scheduling algorithm should try to maximize the following: • CPU utilization • Throughput A CPU scheduling algorithm should try to minimize the following: • Turnaround time • Waiting time • Response time by manish kumar gnit g.noida

H0w Manufacturing Cycle Efficiency is measured?

MCE =value added time (process time)/throughput time. Basically this breaks down to the time spent actually working on the product divided by the time spent working on the product, time spent on inspecting the product, time spent on moving the product and time a product spend waiting to be worked on.

How efficiency and overall performance of operating system is measured?

by using turn around time and throughput

What is the need for memory management?

Productivity is related to total throughput of a computer system over time. The throughput is limited by how well a mix of jobs fits into available storage (memory and disk) and how fast the mix executes.

What is the measure of the transfer of bits across the media over a given period of time?

The baud rate.

What is SLA in loadrunner?

Sla is a performance requirements which contains response time ,throughput,hits per second,etc.

What is the Aim and objective of high throughput screening?

AIM: to reduce the time and to get results of large experiments of fine defined objectives.