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It would take 53 hrs. 20 mins. to travel 800 miles at 15 mph.

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Q: Time it takes to travel 800 miles at 15 mph?
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What takes longer a motorcycle or car to travel 800 miles?

Depends on how fast you go and the routes taken.

If a train leaves Chicago going 80 miles an hour how long will it take to travel 800 miles?

Distance / Speed = Time 800 miles / 80 mph = 10 hours

How did the pionners travel?

well they went 800 miles

About how many miles does it extend from north or south?

it takes about 600 to 800 miles

How far do humpback whales travel and what are they coming for?

800 miles

Tasha's destination is 325 miles away and she is traveling at 65 miles per hour If she leaves at 800 AM what time will she arrive at her destination?

To calculate the time it takes, divide the distance by the speed.

A plane can travel 640 miles against the wind in the same time it can travel 800 miles with the wind If the plane can fly 180 mph in calm air what is the speed of the wind?

Calm air is still. Zero.

How long it takes to drive 800 miles at 75 mph?

Time = distance/velocity t = 800/75 = 10.6667 hours So the answer is 10 hours and 40 minutes.

How much gas will be needed to travel 800 miles?

None, if you are cycling.

How long would it take to travel 800 miles at 5 knots?

The answer will depend if you mean 800 nautical miles (as would often be used in relation to knots) or 800 normal miles. If 800nm (nautical miles) then the answer is simply 800/5 = 160 hours. If normal miles then we can answer by making a conversion from knots to mph first. 5 knots = 5 * 1.15077945 = 5.75389725 mph Thus time = 800/5.75389725 = 139.036 hours (accurate to 3 decimal places).

How long would it take to travel 800 nautical miles in 7 knotts?

800/7 , getting on for 115 hours

Do duck miagrate?

Yes, they do, because they are part of the bird family.They can travel at max, 800 miles at a time, in an eight hour flight.Average, they fly 40-60 miles per hour.