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A state is divided into sections, each called this.

To say the number in order.

The sister o your mother.

A fish popular for eating in sandwiches.

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Q: To say the number in order.?
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To say the number in order?


How do you do negative 0.15?

A number is a number, you do not "do" numbers. There are things which you can do to it or with it but in order to answer that Iyou need to say what you want to do.

What number you say when you count by 9?

That depends. Eventually you'll say every number from 0 to 9. Just not in that order, and not necessarily in the same number. Unless of course you have the patience to get to 13717421 times 9.

Is sequential order number order?

no sequential order is not number order. number order has to do with math, sequential order has to do with writing.

How do you work out the range of a number?

you put the numbers in order say the numbers were 8,4,88,1,9,41,4,4,8,9,88 you would see the number between 1 and 88 the answer is 88

How do you pronounce H2O?

You just need to say each letter (or number) separately but in succession. Pronounce each character individually but in order. So, say the letter 'H', then the number '2' (or two), and then say the letter 'O', but all in succession.

What is the order of the Higurashi books?

dont be fooled by the bottom numbers in black look at the numbers at the very top of the spine it will say higurashi series and then the number that is in order of the series

What is 8.3 8.08 8.74 8.9 from least to greatest?

ascending order : 8.08,8.3,8.74,8.9 if u r confused in these type of questions..multiply a number say 10 or 100 or 1000 depending on the number of decimals in the numbers which in this case is the new numbers will be 830,808,874,890. arranging these above number in ascending order will give the ascending order of the original number always.

How do you say in order to do that in Spanish?

To say: in order to do that in Spanish, you would say: para que puedas hacer eso....

What is my order tracking number?

An order tracking number is a number used to identify your order. Usually a store will e-mail you an invoice that contains the order tracking number so you can check its current status.

How do you say the number 1988 in German?

if it's just a number, you say Eintausendneunhundertachtundachtzig but if it's a year, you say: Neunzehnhundertachtundachtzig

How do you say 'number ' in French?

nombre is the translation of number. It is the translation to French from English.

Do you say which or what number are you calling from?

What number are you calling from

Need another way to say in order for?

in order for

What to say to place an to go order in hotel over the phone?

just say your order than say straight after "to go please"

How do you say your phone number in Japanese?

You say: denwa bangou for phone number denwa bangou WA for what is your phone number?

What are the two types of data needed to convert a planned order into a production order?

Material Number,Planned Order Number

What is the difference between 9 and a number?

In this question, 9 is a specific number but a number is any number. We cannot say 9 = 8, but we can say any number = 8.

How do you say husband in igbo?

In order to say my husband you would say dim

How do you say dad in Tamil?

you say ''appa'' in order to say dad in tamil

How do you say twelve in Tamil?

you say ''panirandu'' in order to say twelve in Tamil

How do you say eye in Tamil?

you say ''kann'' in order to say eye in Tamil

How do you say ear in Tamil?

you say ''kaathu'' in order to say ear in Tamil

How do you say nose in Tamil?

you say ''mooku'' in order to say nose in tamil

How do you say mouth in Tamil?

you say ''vaay'' in order to say mouth in tamil