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well you can go to answer right under ask and it will give you a list you can answers

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Q: Took a test that had 20 questions. Total grade was computed by 10 points for each correct and 5 point deduction for each wrong. All questions were answered with a score of 125. How many were wrong?
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Forty out of fifty questions on a test are answered correctly. What fraction of questions were answered correct?


You took a test with 130 questions you answered 92 percent correctly how many questions did you get correct?

Questions correct are 130 * 0.92 or 120.

40 out of 50 questions on a test correctly what fraction of questions were answered correct?


Can you give me a sentence for the word correct?

I was correct when I answered the mind-bending questions on the quiz.

If there was a test with 240 questions on a test and i answered 95 correctly how many questions did i answer correct?

95 of them.

What is your Grade for 45 out of 60 questions?

that's = to 75 % correct if you correctly answered 45 out of 60 questions

If you got 23 out of 40 what is the percent?

If you answered 23 correct out of 40 questions, your percent correct is 57.5%

If questions are created to have an answer, why do I care to write anymore questions, knowing they won't be answered?

i need answers losers

What grade would you get if you answered 22 out of 25 questions correct?

88% or B+

If 21 of 25 questions were answered correctly. What percent of the questions were correct?

100*(21/25) % = 84%

What is the adverb of correct?

The adverb form of the word "correct" is correctly.An example sentence for you is: "She answered all the questions correctly".

What is correct a accurate deduction or an accurate deduction?

Because "accurate" begins with a vowel, you need the article "an", as in "an accurate deduction".

What percentage of questions were answered correctly if you got 10 wrong and there are 40 questions?

10/40 wrong means 30/40 correct 30/40 = 75% correct

How many questions do you need to get right to pass the earth science regents?

you need more than half of the questions answered correct.

A test has 20 questions. Correct answers get +3 and incorrect answers (-1). A student answered 5 questions incorrectly. How many points did the student score?


Can reports be made about answered questions with vulgar words on WikiAnswers?

Yes, or you can simply correct the language yourself.

If i missed 8 questions out of 20 what will my grade be?

As a percentage it is 60% providing that all answered were correct

Why do people go on to Wikianwer website?

To find information about their specific question, by seeing if their question is answered. (Not all questions will be answered. Correct spelling is helpful, but not required.)

Are most of my questions too hard for you to answer should I ask SciAm instead?

WikiAnswers relies on the answers of its Contributors; be patient and your question will be answered! Ensuring that it has correct spelling and is placed in the correct categories will help it be answered quicker.

Out of 50 questions you only answered 40 correct what is the percent?

10% is right 40 of 50 would be 80%

On a test hailey answered 64 out of 74 questions correctly what portion of her answers was correct?

64/74 as i assume

What was jeffersons foreign policy?

This question needs to be found somewhere else.This website is not true.All thou some questions will be answered correctly that does not mean that they are all correct!!!!! This question needs to be found somewhere else.This website is not true.All thou some questions will be answered correctly that does not mean that they are all correct!!!!!

What is your score if you miss 5 questions on a 35 question test?

It is: 30/35 or 85.714% to 3 decimal places providing all answered questions were correct

How many questions can you miss to get an 80 percent on a 30 question test?

6, you must get at least 24 of the questions correct to make an 80%. I found this by setting up a proportion: x questions 80 % _________ = ________ 30 questions 100% = 24 question (must be answered correctly) 30-24= 6 questions (can be answered incorrectly)

Why can't this site get any questions right?

Only some of the answers on this site are incorrect, but the other portion of the answers are correct. All of the questions I have answered ae correct. I know thast for a fact because I do research on the questions before I answer them. -Eugenie de Silva