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7n + 3 = -18 (subtract 3 from both sides)
7n + 3 - 3 = -18 - 3
7n = -21 (divide by 7 to both sides)
n = -3

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Q: Translate the sum of seven times a number and three is the opposite of eighteen into an equation and solve?
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What is the algebraic equation for a number plus eighteen equals twice the number?

If: x+18 = 2x Then: x = 18

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How do you write a equation for the opposite of a number is -9?

Call your number any variable, for example x. Then: "A number": x "The opposite of a number": -x "Is": the equal sign. "The opposite of a number is -9": -x = -9

What the algerbraic equation for Thirty-two decreased by twice a number is less than eighteen?

32-2x < 18

Translate to an algebraic expression the opposite if a number decreased by four?

n (number) minus four ----->n-4

Translate the question into an equation Do not solve 30 percent of what number is 84?

0.3 x = 84

How do you translate this number 141.18447 in words?

One hundred forty-one and eighteen thousand, four hundred forty-seven hundred thousandths

How do you translate The sum of nine and a number x is three into an equation?

If: 9+x = 3 then x = -6

What is the additive inverse of eighteen?

The additive inverse of 18 is -18. The additive inverse of any number is the opposite of that number, such that the sum of the original number and the additive inverse is zero.

Translate three more than one half a number is 21 into equation?

n/2 + 3 = 21

How do you translate four more than the quotient of a number and 3 is 11 into an equation?

Let N = a number N (division sign) 3 + 4 = 11