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Q: True or false- a subscript is a small number written above a letter or number?
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Is the subscript a small number written above a letter or number?

A subscript is a small number written below the number, whilst a superscript is written above the number. A superscript 2 is used to indicate a squared number.

What is a letter or number written beneath a line of print called?

A subscript is below the line, as in 52 or 5x; a superscript is above the line: 52.

What are two things you cannot do to a subscript in a chemical equation?

1. You cannot change the subscript just to help you balance the equation. You can only balance an equation by using whole-number coefficients written at the beginning of a substance. 2. If no subscript is present, you can't just add one to help you balance the equation for same reason listed above.

What is difference between subscript and superscript in ms word?

"Super"script raises the letter above the line "Sub"script lowers the letter below

Where are subscripts found and what do they tell you?

A subscript is a number that is written half a space below the line and which looks like this: H2O (this compares to a superscript which is written half a space above the line, looking like this: 1012). In a chemical formula, the subscript tells you the number of atoms of a particular element in a molecule. For the example that I gave, which is the very familiar formula of the water molecule, the subscript tells us that there are two hydrogen atoms in the molecule (H is for hydrogen).

Is oxidation number shown with a subscript?

No, oxidation numbers are indicated as superscripts, not subscripts. They are written as Roman numerals above the element symbol.

What term refrs to the text that is raised slightly above the regular line of text?

Text written slightly above the line (like this) is called superscript.Text written slightly below the line (like this) is called subscript.

Where does the 2 in Co2 go- Above the O or beneath it?

The 2 in CO2 is typically written as a subscript and goes below the O. This notation helps indicate that there are two oxygen atoms bonded to the carbon atom in carbon dioxide.

What are the uses of subscript and superscript show it?

subscript lower a round the baseline e.g H2O superscript rises a word above the baseline e.g4th

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By the serial number on the bottom of the receiver. Sometimes the serail will include a letter above the number or a letter/number combo above the number.

When would subscript or superscript format be used?

Subscript format is used to denote a small letter, number, or symbol positioned slightly below the normal line of type, such as in chemical formulas (e.g., H2O). Superscript format is used for small characters, numbers, or symbols positioned slightly above the normal line of type, like in exponents (e.g., 2^3).

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