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Q: True or false Profit equals Total Cost less Total Revenue?
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True or False. Accounting profit equals sales revenue minus explicit costs?


True or false Will profits be maximized when total revenue equals total cost?


True or false Profits will be maximized when total revenue equals total cost?


A nazard true or false-accrual convention is when the revenue earned for a particular period is added to the expenses involved in making the revenue in that period-accounting?

It is false. The right answer is ,the revenue is matched with expenses involved in making the revenues in that period.\the difference will produce a profit or loss.

Is it true or false that the objective of a firm is to maximize total revenue?

Generally speaking, the main objective of a firm is profit maximisation. This is not always the case, however, as some firms have different goals, including providing charitable services, satisficing, and providing a high quality good or service.Revenue (income) increases profit, while expenses decrease profit. Therefore, if a firm's revenue increases more than their expenses increase, they will generate a greater profit.

Is Tom Deckard a false profit?

A person cannot be profit - therefore, a person also cannot be false profit.

Is this statement true or false gross profit minus selling expenses equals net income?

Not really...Gross profit = Net sales - Cost of goods soldThe profit on an item is not dependent upon all of your operating expenses. You would include operating expenses to determine net income for the business, but not to calculate gross profit for the sale of inventory.

The revenue recognition principle dictates that companies recognize revenue in the period in which it was received rather than when it was earned- True or False?


Is it true that a loss occurs when your revenue exceeds your expenses?

False, revenue is gain

the excess of revenue over the expenses incurred in earning the revenue is called capital?


True or false revenue is a decrease in owners equity?

False, as revenue increases the owners equity if expenses are less than revenues and vice versa.

The activity variance for revenue is unfavorable if the actual revenue for the period is less than the revenue in the static planning budget true or false?