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True. A balance IS used to measure the volume of things.

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Q: True or false a balance can be used to measure volume?
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A balance is used to measure mass true or false?

True, the most common method is to use a balance

True or false balance scales are used to measure the mass of an object?

True. Balance scales are used to measure the mass of an object by comparing it to known weights on the other side of the scale until balance is achieved.

is it true or false the mass of an object can be measured with a graduated cylinder?

False. A graduated cylinder is used to measure volume, not mass. Mass is typically measured using a balance scale or other weight measuring devices.

Is volume of space a substance of matter occupies true or false?

False. Volume refers to the amount of space that a substance or object occupies. It is not a substance itself, but rather a measure of the amount of space something takes up.

Is volume and unreliable measure of the quantity of matter True or false?

False. Volume is a measure of the amount of space occupied by an object, while the quantity of matter is typically measured by mass. They are related but not the same, as the density of an object can affect its volume even when the quantity of matter remains constant.

True or False Ecosystems will not fail if they do not remain in balance?

False. Ecosystems can fail if they do not remain in balance. Imbalances in factors such as population numbers, biodiversity, and resource availability can lead to disruptions in ecological processes, ultimately causing ecosystems to collapse. Maintaining balance is crucial for the stability and sustainability of ecosystems.

True or false- The volume of a gas cannot be measured?


True or false a sound with a high volume always has a pitch?

False. Pitch and volume are unrelated.

Is a yardstick the best way to measure a highway true or false?

true i think

When people change the environment the balance of ecosystem is never chaned true or false?


Is merchandise inventory is a long-term asset on the balance sheet true or false?


The liter is used to express volume in SI true or false?

False it is the litre.