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What has the author F Gatto written?

F. Gatto has written: 'Mathematical descriptions of the mechanical properties of skeletal muscle'

What does the skeletal system do for the body?

what dose the skeletal system do for the human body? what dose the skeletal system do for the human body? what DOES the skeletal system do for the human body?

What are facts about a skeletal muscle cell?

A skeletal muscle cell is a cell of a skeletal muscle.

What are the similarities between skeletal and cardiac muscle cells?

cardiac is cardiac and skeletal is skeletal.

Name two parts of the skeletal system?

The two main divisions of the skeletal system are the axial skeletal system and the appendicular skeletal system.

What are the differences between an insects skeletal system and a Humans skeletal system?

Human skeletal system is endoskeletal. Insect skeletal system is exoskeletal

What is the importance of your skeletal system?

the skeletal is important

Where is the skeletal system?

The skeletal system are your bones.

PartS of the skeletal system?

skeletal system

How do a skeletal looks when its label?

skeletal digram

Does a scorpion have a skeletal system?

it technically does have skeletal system. Scorpions have a skeletal system the is called an exoskeleton

Which muscles are striated?

please help me with this answer. :) its cardiac and skeletal, only skeletal, smooth and skeletal, or smooth and cardiac 1 of thoses The skeletal muscle is striated.

Why is the skeletal system called the skeletal system?

Because the skeletal system is about the skeleton. Skeleton>Skeletal Muscle>Muscular

Are ligaments part of the muscular system or skeletal?


Are bones moved by smooth or skeletal muscles?


Why is the skeletal systant important?

There is no such thing as a "skeletal systant".

What organs are in a skeletal system?

the skeletal does not have any organs

What is a group of skeletal muscle fibers?

A skeletal muscle

What are the purpose of the skeletal system?

what are the purpose of the skeletal system

What does the skeletal system interact with?

The Skeletal system interacts with the muscular system The Skeletal system interacts with the muscular system

Are Skeletal muscles are usually attached to bones?

All skeletal muscles are attached to bones. This is why they are called skeletal muscles.

What is a monkey skeletal system?

A monkey skeletal system is its bones

What are the skeletal system where muscles are inside the skeletal elements?


How many skeletal muscles are there?

Over 650 skeletal muscles.

Are skeletal muscles multinucleated or mononucleated?

Skeletal muscles are multinucleated!