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Q: Twenty-seven increased by twice a number is 39 what is the number?
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The sum of twice a number and 5 is 39 Find the number?

The number is 17.

The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 12 If the digits are interchanged the number is increased by 54 What is the original number?


The sum of twice the number and 7 less than the number is the difference between -39 and the number?


Multiply this number by 4 and subtract 39 to get twice the number plus 3?

4x-39 = 2x+3, 4x-2x = 42 x=21

What is twice as many of 39?


How is 39 a happy number?

The Number (39) is Unhappy Number or Sad Number.

Which of number is not a prime number 19 29 39?

39 is not a prime number.

Is the number 39 prime?

39 is not a prime; it is a composite number.

What is the prime number of 39?

13 is the prime number of 39

Is 39 a composite number or a prime number?

39 is composite.

Is 39 an odd or even number?

39 is an odd number

How many times does 39 go into 80?

Twice, with two left over.

Which number is not a prime number 17 39 23 31?


How do you spell the number 39?

The number 39 is spelled "thirty-nine".

What is 39 in MATH?

39 is simply a number. It is an integer, a whole number, and a natural number. The prime factorization of 39 is 3*13. You can go on from there.

One number is 3 less than twice another and their sum is 39 find the numbers?

let x be one number and y be the other The first thing given is that x is 3 less than twice y so x=2y-3 and x+y=39 so x=39-y and substitute this into the first equation a 39-y=2y-3 42=3y y=14 and x=39-14 or 25 Answer x=25 and y=14 Now lets check it 25 is 3 less than 2x14 (YES) 14+25=39 (YES) Done

How many times do 16goesinto 39?

Twice with a remainder of 7

How many times does 51 go into 141?

141 ÷ 51 = 2 remainder 39

Is 39 a prime number?

No. 39 = 3 * 13 39=3 so in that case 39 is not a prime number

What is 39 percent of 100?

To find 39 percent of a number, multiply the number by 0.39. In this instance, 0.39 x 100 = 39. Therefore, 39 percent of 100 is equal to 39.

39 prime number or composite number?

39 is composite

What is the number that come after 39?

There is no number that comes immediately after 39. If, for example, it is claimed that some number x comes after 39 then it is easy to prove that (39+x)/2 is greater than 39 but smaller than x. Therefore it is closer to coming after 39 than x. But then the number halfway betwen 39 and this new number is even closer and so on. For ever.

How do you factorization on number 39?

The lowest prime number that will divide evenly into 39 is 3, so 3 is a prime factor of 39. 39/3 = 13, and 13 is a prime number that is also a factor of 39. The prime factorization of 39 is 3 x 13.

What is the median of 32 39 39 42 48?

It is 39, the middle number.

What number times another number makes 39?

The only numbers that multiply to get a product of 39 are 1 and 39, or 3 and 13.