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Twenty two over ten is simply this mixed number: 2 and 2/10 or reduced it is 2 and 1/5.

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Q: Twenty-two over ten is what mixed number?
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What is 31 over ten as a mixed number?

31 over ten as a mixed number = 31/10

What is the mixed number for ten sevenths?

The Mixed Number for ten sevenths is ...

What is 31 over 3 as a mixed number?

Ten and one-third.

Does ten over ten equals to an improper faction a mixed number or a whole number?

10/10=1, which is a whole number.

How do you write 7 over ten as a mixed number?

1 is the mixed number and 3 is the top number (numerator) and 10 is the bottom number (denominator) all together

What is 63 over 10 as a mixed number?

It's six, three over ten. 6 3/10

How do you write fifty- two over ten as a mixed number?

52/10....... as a mixed number 52/10 = 52 divided by 10 10 goes into 50, 5 times... with 2 left over that means your left with 2/10 left over so the mixed number is 5 and 2/10

What is ten fifths as a mixed number?


Is seventeen over ten in its simplest form?

17/10 is already a fraction in simplest form. The mixed number is 17/10

How do you reduce ten over nine?

There is no further reduction to the fraction other than making it a mixed number or 1 1/9.

What is mixed number of 3.0625?

3 and .0625 ten thousandths

What is the answer for ten thirds as a mixed number?

3 and 1/3.