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About 69%

29/42 = 0.69047

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Q: Twenty nine of the first 42 presidents of the US were lawyers What percentage of these presidents were lawyers?
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During which presidents term were female lawyers first admitted to practice before the Supreme Court?

Rutherford B. Hayes was the president when female lawyers were first allowed to practice law before the supreme court. They were granted this right in February of 1879.

What presidents made a salary of twenty-five thousand a year?

All of the first 18 presidents received the salary of $25,000, including Grant for his first term. Grant got a controversial raise for his second term.

What percentage of Presidents were born in the 18th century?

Thirteen presidents were born in the 18th century. The first 12 and the 14th were born between 1732 and 1974. That is 29.5 percent.

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Who was the first presidents of UT?

who "were" the first presidents of UT? john dough

George W. Bush most educated?

George W. Bush is the first president with an MBA, but many presidents have been lawyers. A law degree requires at least as much education as an MBA.

How many presidents are on US coins?

Twenty-six presidents have appeared on US coins so far. They are the first 23 presidents plus Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Kennedy. The mint is in the process of issuing a series of one-dollar coins honoring all the presidents in order, four per year. A Wm. McKinley coin is scheduled for 2/19/13

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In what state were the first 4 presidents born?

Four of the first five presidents were born in Virginia, However the 2nd and 6th presidents were born in Massachusetts.

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