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If they are angles, then yes. Can't say I know much about angels!

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Q: Two angels that are complementary form a right angel?
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What is the plural possessive form of angel?


What is form when two complementary angles share one ray?

The complementary angles form a right angle with the shared ray.

Is the word angel a plural word?

No, the noun angel is the singular; the plural form is angels.

What kind of angels are formed if you divide a right angel in half?

A right angle of 90 degrees when divided in half will form 2 acute angles of 45 degrees

How do angels normally show you they are there?

Well mostly people think that angels show you they are there. It is probably a dream or something. ______________ An angel is a messenger. Not all angels are of the spirit form that we think of as their normal state. I know that I have seen at least 2 angels, and I know that for at least a few minutes I was an angel myself. Angel means messenger.

Does the word angelica mean angelo?

Angelica (female name) means "angel-like", resembling the angels (angels = eagles, by the way), eagle-form. Angelo, stands for "angel", eagle (male).

Which term describes two adjacent angles that form a right angle?

Complimentary angles

The sum of two angles is 90 the angles are?

Complementary and form a right angle

What type of angles form complementary pairs?

90 degrees angles or right angles.

What adjective to use for Looking like an angel?

Angelic = looking or behaving like an angel

What is the Hebrew word for angel?

I'm not sure if you mean "angel's" or "angels" so I'll give you both: angel's (posssesive form of angel) = Shel mal'ach (של מלאך) angels (plural form of angel) = mal'achim (מלאכים)

If two angles are complementary what do you know about each?

Complementary means they add to 90o. Thus neither is larger than 90o, and together they form a right angle.