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35, 145

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Q: Two angles are supplementary and one is 40 degress more than three times the other Find the smaller angle?
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Supplementary angles if one of two supplementary angles is 35 larger than the other find the measure of the smaller angle?

180 - 35 = 145. Half of 145 is 72.5 which is the smaller angle. (The other angle is 35 + 72.5 ie 107.5)

What angle is supplementary to a 110 degree angle?

Supplementary angles are angles whose sum is 180° . The supplementary angle to 110° is therefore 70°.

Angle formed by supplementary and complementary angles?

Supplementary angles forms a 180o angle (or a straight line). Complementary angles form a 90o angle.

How do you angle a supplementary angle?

Supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees

What is the measure of the smaller of the two supplementary angles 4 to 5?

If 4 to 5 is the ratio then the smaller angle is 80 degrees

What is the difference between a complementary angle and supplementary angle?

The sum of complementary angles is 90°. The sum of supplementary angles is 180°. EXAMPLE : 27° is the complementary angle to 63° and the supplementary angle to 153°.

How are right angles different from straight angles?

well right angle is 90 degress or a perfect l a straight angle is 180 degress

If slope angle A angle B 180 then angle A and angle B are angles?

supplementary angles

What angle is supplementary to a 70 degree angle?

A supplementary angles are 2 angles that equal 180. 70+110=180

What is a c angle?

Supplementary Angles

Do supplementary angles have to be adjacent?

yes because a supplementary angle is two angles where the sum of the angles is 180 degrees.

What is the sum of two supplementary angles?

The angle sum of a pair of supplementary angles is 180 degrees.