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1 crore = 10 million so 2 crores = 20 million. Simple!

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Q: Two crores is equal to how many millions?
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How many millions are two billions equal to?


How much is two crores rupees in US dollars?

At the rate of 55 INR to a dollar, 2 crores will be worth approximately $360K

How many thousands is 0.21 millions?

0.21 millions = 210,000 => two hundred and ten thousand

How much is two thousand five hundred crores in pounds?


How do you write two hundred twenty five crores in number?

It is 2250000000.

How many millions are there in two billions?

Two thousand of them because two billion is: 2,000,000,000

How many millions does two-hundred and seventy thousand equal?

270,000 is less than a million. It would be 0.27 (27/100) of a million-- around a quarter million.

How many millions is equeal to 20 hundred thousands?

Two of them.

Two ton equal who many pounds?

Two tons is equal to 4000 pounds.

Two cups is equal to how many pints?

Two cups is equal to one pint.

How many volts is equal?

This requires there to be two voltages, which are either equal or not equal.

How many pounds is equal to two pounds?


How many millions are in 2.5 billion?

two thousand five hundred

How much is 27500000 in words in Indian rupees?

Two crores seventy-five lakhs

How much is 2.7 billion dollars in Indian currency?

Two Hundred and Seventy Crores

What is word form of 23000000?

The word form of 23000000 is two crores thirty lakhs.

How many sides are equal in a parallelogram?

Two pairs of equal sides.

How many nanometers equal one-millionth of a meter?

These two are equal.

How many equal lengths sides does does a kite have?

It has two pairs of equal length (congruent) sides. The top two are equal and the bottom two are equal (when you draw it like a diamond shape)

How many eighths equal two thirds?

Sixteen eights equal two thirds

How many types of seeded plants are there?

Two types - The gymnosperms and the Angiosperms.

How many cups equal 16ozs?


How many equal angles does a parallelogram have?

a parallelogram has two pairs of equal angles

How many equal sides has an isosceles triangle?

2yes. and two equal angles..

How many dimes equal two dollars?

20 dimes equal $2.