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Q: Two examples where expansion is allowed or used in a real life situation?
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Expansion of proverb A Life for life?

Te expansion of proverb Life for life is that during the hopeless situation, a man tries to remember some glorious moments in his past life.

Expansion of the saying A life for life?

The expansion of the saying a life for life is revenge. This is one of the Sharia law, an eye for an eye.

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-- "Is it cold outside ?" -- "Is it raining at my mother-in-law's house ?" -- "What is the temperature inside the engine of my car ?"

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Expansion in everyday life is setting achievable goals each day and working to The best of your ability to achieve them

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You are physically not allowed to take RN classes online at home. you need to know what your doing and how you have to do it as you would in a real life situation.

What is the expansion for viva?,...or live?

What type of thought begins with a prior belief and past experience or common assumption rather than a logical premise?

well a sign in modern day life than an expansion on that situation in a semi-conscious manner?

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