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equivalent fractions

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They are equivalent fractions.

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Q: Two fractions that represent the same point on the number line?
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How does a number line represent equivalent fractions and decimals?


What fractions can be labeled on a number line with a line plot?

All fractions can be labelled on a number line.

What point on the number line best represent 3.15?

The point that is 3.15 units away from 0 on the positive side of the number line.

What point can represent the decimal 2.2?

A point on the number line, at a distance of 2.2 units to the right from the origin.

How do you do number line fractions?

fractions are represented in form of decimals

How is ordering fractions on a number line similar to and different from ordering whole numbers on a number line?

It will be easier to know what to write

Can a point on a number line stand for more than one fraction?

Yes and no. 1/2 can be written 2/4, so the fractions are written differently, but mathematically equivalent. The same is true of any point on a number line. The same point couldn't be 1/2 and 1/3 since these fractions aren't equal.

Things that best represent point in geometry?

A graph or a number line or maybe some shapes

What do you call a fractions are located at exactly the same position on a number line?

Equivalent fractions.

What is the point that divides a line segment into two equal parts?

The point that divides a line segment into two equal parts is called the midpoint.|________________|________________|Let the first vertical line, | , represent point A. Let the second vertical line represent point C. Let the third vertical line represent point B.Before we divided this line, it was segment AB. The MIDPOINT, C, divided it into two equal parts.

What does a particular point on a line of a phase diagram represent?

The melting point or boiling point ...................

What is the number that corresponds to a certain point on a huber line?

Do you mean a number line?The question you asked contains the answer. Every point on a number line corresponds to a number, and every number has a corresponding point on the number line.

What does the slope of a line at any given point represent?

== ==

How do you represent root 4.3 on number line?

Draw a line, from 0, angled at 45 degrees to the number line. Let P be the point at 4.3 units along this line. Drop a perpendicular from P to the number line - to meet it at Q. Then OQ = sqrt(4.3). Repeat on the negative side of the number line.

How do you differentiate between fractions and integers?

Integers are positive and/or negative numbers. Fractions are not integers because they are not originally positive or negative. However, they can both be put on a number line and be considered an integer. Fractions aren't integers unless put on a number line. Integers don't have to be on a number line to be considered an integer.

How do you represent root 9.3 on number line?

take a no. line

How do you compare fractions using a number line?

by looking at the denominator

How can you represent 3 4ths on a number line?

3/4 on the number line is 0.75

Can you represent an irrational number on a number line?

Irrational numbers can be graphed at a number line, but only as an estimation.

What does a given point represent on a line graph?

manipulated variable

Can irrational numbers represent on a number line?


What is the real number represented by a point on a number line?

It is the real number whose length represents the distance from the zero on the line to the point on the line.

How many fractions are there between any two numbers on a number line?

As the denominator increases the fraction will be smaller but there is no limit to how tiny that fraction can be. So between any two numbers on the number line, you can have an infinite number of fractions.

What is the real number that correspondsto a point on a line?

Any real number can correspond to a point on a line.

What fractions come first on a number line?

i think it goes on forever

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