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One over six plus one over six is 2/6. That fraction can be reduced to 1/3. Two over three is written as 2/3. 2/3 plus 1/3 is equal to 1, or a whole.

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Q: Two over three plus one over six plus one over six equals?
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What is the answer to two over three plus four over six?

it equals six over nine or two over three

Two plus three equals?


What does one plus two equal?

One plus two equals three (3).

What is 2 plas 2?

one plus one is dog two plus two equals fish and three pluss three equals cat four plus four equals rabbit 10 plus 10 equals cow and 32 plus 32 equals wilderbeast and so on and so fourth.

What is two over three plus four over six?

its two over three

What is 2 plus 3 equals 5 in word form?

two plus three equals five

what is two-fourths plus three-eighths equals to?

why who are you

X plus one over x squared plus two?

it equals x1 it equals x1

What is 6 plus 217 in words?

Six plus two hundred seventeen equals two hundred twenty-three.

What 1 plus 2?

One plus two (1+2) equals three.

One over two plus one over four plus one over eight plus one over sixteen equals?

15 over 16

Put numbers into Two plus three plus seven equals?

If u do that, u get 347

What is one fourths plus two fourths equals?

three fourths

What does two-fourths plus two-eigths equal?

two fourths equals one half two eighths equals one quarter one half plus one quarter is three quarters. Or, two fourths equals four eighths four eighths plus two eighths equals six eighths six eighths equals three quarters.

Is the line 3x plus 3y equals 5 perpendicular to y equals -5 over 3x plus 3 over 5?

No, the two lines are not perpendicular.

Two over three plus one over six plus one over six?


What is one over x plus two over x equals six?


What is the sum of one fourth plus one half plus one eighth?

Two over eight plus four over eight plus one over eight equals seven over eight

What is the slope for y equals negative two over three x plus two?

If: y = -2/3x+2 then the slope is -2/3 and the y intercept is 2

Three and two-tenths plus two and one-fifth plus two and three-fifths equals?

3 2/10 + 2 1/5 + 2 3/5 = 8

Does two plus two equals a window?

no. one plus one equals window

What is six equals a over 4 plus two?

It is an equation and the value of a is 16

2 plus 3 plus 4 plus 5 plus equals 287 plus 7 plus 2 plus 5 equals 1471 plus 6 plus 5 plus 3 equals 75 then 2 plus 4 plus 5 plus 7 equals?

This equation is not possible. Two plus three plus four plus five does not equal 287. The system has no solution.

What is two over nine plus one over three?

five over nine

What is four and three over four plus three and six over sixteen?

two and one eighth