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The final result is positive.

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Q: Two positive integers and four negative integers are all multiplied together Is the final result positive or negative?
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What is the produkt of negative integer with itself?

A product of two integers is those two numbers multiplied together. If the product is two integers, it is called a square. Two negative integers are multiplied together by multiplying them together just as if they are positive. For example, -3x-3=9. It is exactly the same thing as squaring a positive integer.

When the negative integers the positive integers and 0 are combined the integers are formed?

Negative integers, zero and the positive integers, together form the set of integers.

Are the sum of two negative integers positive?

No. Two negative integers added together will never equal a positive integer. It is the product of two negative integers that is positive.

Multiplying negative numbers?

any two negative numbers multiplied together equals a positive number. any two positives numbers multiplied together equal positive numbers and any negative and positive numbers multiplied together equals a negative.negative, negative = positivenegative, positive = negativepositive, positive = positive

What is the product of -7 and -5?


How many unique pairs of positive integers can be multiplied together to yield 36?

five pairs

What does a positive number multiplied by a positive number equal?

A positive number multiplied by a positive number will give a positive answer:1 x 1 = 1In contrast, a negative number multiplied by a positive number gives a negative answer:-1 x 1 = -1Finally two negative numbers multiplied together give a positive answer:-1 x -1 = 1

The sum of two negative integers is a positive integer?

No, the sum of two negative integers is not a positive integer. For example, if you add -5 and -6 together the sum would be -11.

What is the prime factorization of -14?

-14 = -2 x -72 negatives multiplied together make a what? (hint - it is not a negative. Negative multiplied by positive gives a negative.)

Why does multiplying negative integers by negative integers result in positive integers?

Any negative integer can be factored to -1 times its positive value. Because negative one times itself is positive one, when multiplied by each other they cancel out. So if you're multiplying a negative integer A by a negative integer B. Replace A and B with -1*|A| and -1*|B| (You can do this because you know A and B are negative), and use the distributive property to rearrange them. Now you can see the -1*-1 term and equate it to 1, leaving only the |A| and |B| behind. Because two positive numbers multiplied together are always positive, the result will always be positive. Represented algebraically, as long as A and B are negative integers, the following is true: AB = -1|A|*-1|B| = -1*-1|AB| = |AB|.

How many unique pairs of positive integers can be multiplied together to yield 24?

Four unique pairs.

What is puls multiplied by minus?

You cannot multiply "operations" together, that is meaningless. If you are referring to a positive number multiplied by a negative number, the result would be negative.

When two negative numbers are together then the answer will be positive?

That can only be guaranteed when the two are multiplied or divided.

Why does the product of 3 negative numbers equal a negative number number?

Because two negative multiplied together equal a positive. So after the first multiplication we have a positive and a negative. When we multiply these we have a negative.

Why is the square of a number always a positive number?

The square of a number is always two numbers multiplied together. A positive times a positive is always positive, and a negative times a negative is always positive.

Can the square of an integer be a negative number explain?

No, any 2 negative numbers multiplied together equal a positive number

When does two negatives make a positive?

When two negative real numbers are multiplied together, the product is a positive real number.

The product of 18 negative factors will be?

If an even number of negative factors are multiplied together (such as 18 factors), the answer will be positive. If there are an odd number of negative factors, the answer will be negative.

What is negative 2x plus three?

When multiplying two numbers together when negatives are involved, first multiply them together normally. In this case, 2x3=6 The next step is to find out if it's +6 or -6. You need to luck at the question again: If we multiplied two positives, the answer is positive. If we multiplied two negatives, the answer is positive. Otherwise, the answer is negative. In the question, we multiplied a positive by a negative, so the result will be negative. The answer, therefore, is -6

3 negative and 6 positive numbers are multiplied together. the sign of the product is?

Negative. Positives always give positive sign, two of the negatives cancel out, leave one negative sign.

What is a negative times a positive times a positive?

A negative. If you have a string of positive and negative numbers multiplied together, all you need to find the sign of the answer is to find the parity of the negative numbers. If there are an odd number of negatives then the answer is negative and if there are an even number of negatives then the answer is positive. Remember, positive numbers make no difference to the sign of the answer.

Is it true that the product of two negative numbers is sometimes a negative number?

No, two negatives multiplied together always form a positive number.

Why two negatives is a positive?

I feel that two negatives are positive because you add* your two negative integers* together, you would be doing this: -+- (negative + negative) so the response is, is that if two integers where both negative, you would add, just like if there were two positives, you would add, but not if you have different signs. (positive+negative) you would subtract. Just as the same with negative + positive. [REVIEW: if the sign is the same, add, if the sign is different, you subtract.] *=you may not always add *=integers- a fancy word for numbers.

How do you find the median of a group of numbers with positive and negative numbers?

This is accomplished the same way as with positive integers. Add all of the numbers together and divide by (positive) 2. Don't let the negative signs fool you!

What are 2 different number using positive and negative numbers that gives you an answer of negative 30?

-5 and 6 or 5 and -6. Multiplied together, they give -30.