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Yes, that's quite correct.

Two thirds is four thirds less than two wholes,
and two thirds is one sixth more than a half.

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2 wholes is more

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Q: Two thirds is less than two wholes and more than a half?
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Is two thirds more or less than half of something?


Is two thirds more then half?

Yes, two thirds is more than a half but not by a lot.

What is four sixths rounded to the nearest half?

Four sixths, which is equal to two thirds, if rounded to the nearest half is approximately one half. In terms of a decimal analysis, two thirds is very close to .67, and .67 - .5 = .17, so two thirds is just .17 more than a half, but if we compare it to the number one, two thirds is fully a third (or .333...) less than one. And that is more than .17 so two thirds is closer to a half than it is to one.

Is two thirds more or less than one half a cup?


What is ten wholes divided by three fifths?

Ten wholes is ten - period. Three fifths is 60% or .60. Ten divided by .60 is 16.666, or more familiarly, sixteen and two thirds.

If more cheese means more wholes and more wholes means less cheese then does more cheese mean less cheese?

Logically, yes, more cheese means less cheese. However, such is a contradiction and therefore impossible (unless the system is in a dynamic relationship, which in the real world is entirely possible).

Which is more 3 quarters of a tank or one half?

Poor math. A half is two thirds of three cuarters as a half dollar is less than 75 cents. GOOD LUCK.

Is who thirds more than a half?


Is two thirds more than a half?


How many one thirds are in one half?

...One... There is 1 complete third in one half, more precisely though there are 1.5 thirds in a half

Is two thirds more than one half?


Is two thirds less than one third?

Two thirds is more than one third.

Is 0.21 more than a half or less than a half?


What is more 1 and a half of 130 or 2 thirds of 90?


How much more is more one and two thirds compared to one and one half?

1/6 more

Is two thirds less than four twelfths?

No, four twelfths is equal to one third, so two thirds is more.

What is three and two thirds equal to?

Three and two thirds are equal precisely to three and two thirds. Nothing more, nothing less. Or if you want to make it a improper fraction it will be 11/3 or eleven thirds

Would two thirds or one half be more precise?

It depends entirely on what is really the case!

What is is 0.37 is it less more or equal to half?

less than

Is two-thirds teaspoon more than one-half teaspoon?

A whole is 100% Half is 50% One third is (100 ÷ 3) = 33.3 Two thirds is 33.3 x 2= 66.6 Two thirds 66.6% is greater than One half 50%

Is 2 fifths more or less than 1 half?

2 fives is less than 1 half

Is more or less than half of Africa in the southern hemisphere?


Is two thirds more than two and a half?

yes, 2/3<1 and 3/2 (which is two and a half)>1

Is one third more than one half?

No. Think about it this way: when you split a pizza into halves, do you get more than you would if you had to share it with an extra person, therefore splitting the pizza into thirds? Yes. The more people you have to share with, the less each person gets of that pizza.

Is negative two thirds greater than negative one sixth?

Negative two thirds is smaller than negative one sixth. To have more of a negative is to have less.