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Two thirds is six ninths; six ninths minus four ninths is two ninths.

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Q: Two thirds minus four ninths
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Related questions

What does two thirds minus four ninths equal to?

two ninths

What is the answer to two thirds minus two ninths?

Two thirds minus two ninths is 4 ninths. Two thirds is 6 ninths. 6 ninths minus 2 ninths is 4 ninths.

What is four ninths minus two thirds?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 4/9 - 2/3 = -2/9 or minus two ninths.

What is negative three and two thirds minus four and five ninths?

-8 and 2/9

What is 7 and 5 ninths minus 3 and 8 ninths?

two and two thirds

What is four ninths multiplied by two thirds?

Four ninths multiplied by two thirds is = to eight twenty sevenths

What is a common denominator for four-ninths and two -thirds?


What is seven ninths minus two thirds?

one ninth

What is four and two thirds divided by one and three ninths?

Four and two thirds divided by one and three ninths = 7/2 or 31/2

What is twelve and four ninths minus one and two thirds?

It is: 12 and 4/9 minus 1 and 2/3 = 10 and 7/9

What is two ninths minus two thirds?

2/9 minus 2/3 is -4/9

What is two thirds minus two ninths?

It is: 2/3 minus 2/9 = 4/9

What is two thirds minus one ninth?

1 third = 3 ninths, 3 ninths - 2 ninths = 1 ninth.

What is eleven and two ninths minus four and five ninths?

Firstly, do 11 minus 4 = 7. So, now we have 7 and two ninths, minus five ninths. Much easier, 6 and 6 ninths.

What is two thirds minus two?

negative four thirds

What is eleven and five ninths minus four and two thirds?

11 5/9 - 4 2/3 =7 8/9

What is the mean of two thirds and four ninths?

it is three quarters

What is five ninths minus two thirds?

5/9 minus 2/3 equals -1/9

What is two third minus one ninth?

two thirds minus one ninth equals five ninths in its simplest form

What is one sixth minus two thirds?

Two thirds is four sixths. One sixth minus four sixths is minus three sixths, which is also minus one half.

What is two thirds minus three sevenths?

Four sevenths of two thirds

What is four ninths divided by one and two thirds?


What is three and four ninths plus four and two thirds?

8 and 1/9.

Does two thirds equal to seven ninths?

No. Two-Thirds equals Six-Ninths

What is eight ninths minus two thirds?

8/9 - 6/9 = 2/9

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