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1 and 0 are the two whole numbers with their sum same as their difference

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Q: Two whole numbers whose sum and difference are the same?
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What whole numbers and integers have in common and how they difference?

They are the same.

What is the difference in subtraction integers and subtracting whole numbers?

None, because the set of integers and the set of whole numbers is the same.

What are a pair of whole numbers whose sum is the same as their product?

2 and 2

What are two numbers whose difference is 1000?

There is an infinite amount of numbers that this applies to. I will define difference for you. Difference is the amount you get when subtracting two numbers. Example 2000 - 1000 has a difference of 1000. same with 2001 and 1001 etc.

What is the difference betweed an LCD and LCM?

The process of finding them is the same. The difference is the function of the numbers. With an LCM, you're finding a multiple of whole numbers. With an LCD, you're finding a multiple of whole numbers that happen to be denominators.

How is adding rational numbers different than adding whole numbers?

Whole numbers are rational numbers with a denominator of 1. The difference with general rational numbers is that the denominators are likely to be different and they must be made the same by converting the fractions into equivalent fractions with the same denominator before the addition can be done - by adding the numerators and keeping the denominator, and simplifying (if possible) the result. With whole numbers the denominators are already the same (as 1) and so the addition can be done straight away.

How is comparing mixed numbers and whole numbers the same and how is it different?

they are the same because they both have whole numbers

Are whole numbers and prime numbers the same?

No. Prime numbers are a subset of whole numbers.

How are whole numbers rational numbers and integers related?

Whole numbers are the same as integers. Whole numbers are a proper subset of rational numbers.

How are integers and whole numbers the same?

Each integer is a whole number and each whole number is an integer. So the set of all integers is the same as the set of all whole numbers. By the equivalence of sets, integers and whole numbers are the same.

Are rational numbers the same as whole numbers?

No, they are not.

Is an irrational number the same as whole numbers?

No. Whole numbers cannot be irrational.

What number is part of the set of whole numbers but is not in the set of natural numbers?

Whole numbers and natural numbers are the exact same, except that whole numbers include zero

What is the difference a whole number and a counting number?

They are the same except that zero is included in the "whole numbers". Actually, not everyone agrees on that definition, but it's the usual one.

What is a difference between a tally table and a frequency?

a tally table use whole numbers and frequency use the same number

When is the difference of two decimals a whole number?

In the case of positive numbers, when the decimal parts are the same, e.g., 4.71 - 1.71.

Are integers the set of positive numbers and negative whole numbers and 0?

Actually the set of integers is the same as the set of whole numbers since the whole numbers include negative whole numbers and zero.

How are counting and whole numbers the same?

They are not. Counting numbers are a proper subset of whole numbers. Negative integers (-1, -2, -3 etc) are whole numbers but they are not counting numbers.

How are whole numbersintegers and rational numbers related?

Whole numbers and integers are the same. They are a proper subset of rational numbers.

Differentiate whole numbers from natural and integers?

Whole numbers include 0,1,2,3.... Natural numbers are the same numbers, excluding zero.

What is Set of integers contains whole numbers and their .?

The set of integers is the same as the set of whole numbers.

When all addends are about the same you can use the to estimate their sum?

you can use whole numbers

What is military numbers?

same as civilian numbers. no difference.

What is the same thing about composite and prime numbers?

They are whole numbers.

Difference LCD and LCM?

The function of the numbers in question. The process is the same. When comparing two whole numbers, we call it the LCM. When comparing two fractions, we call it the LCD.