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A type of polygon is a rhombusial polygon, trysectalnict polygon, and a equilateral polygon.

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Q: Types of polygons
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what is the name of polygons you given to a shape?

There are lots of different types of polygons Polygons are classified into various types based on the number of sides and measures of the angles.: Regular Polygons Irregular Polygons Concave Polygons Convex Polygons Trigons Quadrilateral Polygons Pentagon Polygons Hexagon Polygons Equilateral Polygons Equiangular Polygons

Are polygons quadrilateral?

There are many types of polygons and a quadrilateral is a 4 sided polygon

The different types of polygons?

The different types of polygons are quadrilateral, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, decagon, heptagon, nonagon, tridecagon, icosagon, megagon, and chilicagon.

Which types of polygons are the faces of a icosahedron?


How many polygons make one football?

On a football there are two types of polygons - large hexagons and smaller pentagons. The number of polygons it takes to make up the football depends entirely on the size of the ball and the size of the polygons.

What are two types of polygons?

Michael Jackson and Justin bieber.

What are the two different types of polygons on a soccer ball?

Hexagon and pentagon

Name types of polygons?

Some examples of polygons include circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, and hexagons. These are examples of 'simple polygons,' in that none of the lines overlap and intersect each other, such as in a pentagram, which is a 'star polygon.'

How do civil engineers use polygons in their work?

Civil engineers use polygons in their blueprints. Blue prints are used to erect huge buildings and houses. Polygons are used to define different types of architecture that the business or homeowner requested.

What types of polygons make up a tessellation?

Any polygon will have versions that will tessellate.

Which types of polygons are the faces of a dodecahedron?

regular pentagons.... Kyah!

What types of polygons are the faces of a tetrahedron?

equilateral triangles-Apex ;)

What are the the similarities about prisms and pyramids?

They are convex polyhedra. composed of at most two types of polygons..

What are the shapes called with the 'agon' at the end?


How are a rectangle and a rhomus alike?

They are both polygons, they are both four sided, and they are both types of squares.

What types of polygons have four equal sides?

A square and a rhombus both have four equal sides.

What are polygons that have the same shape and size?

Congruent polygons.

Why is a octagon not a polygons?

That is because an octagon is singular and polygons is plural. An octagon is a polygon, and octagons are polygons but a octagon cannot be a polygons.

How many types of tessellations are?

Tessellations of regular polygons can occur only when the external angle of a polygon is equal to a factor of 360. As such, the only tessellations of regular polygons can occur when the internal angles of a polygon are equal to a factor of 360. As such, the only regular polygons which tessellate are triangles, squares, and hexagons.

Quadrilaterals are polygons that have three sides?

Quadrilaterals are polygons with four sides. Triangles are polygons with three sides.

How many sides are in a polygon?

there are many different types of polygons each having a different number of sides

Are polygons triangles?

No, but triangles are polygons.

How many different types of semiregular tessellations are there?

There are eight different types of semiregular tessellations. Also called Archimedean tessellations, they occur when two or more convex regular polygons form tessellations of the plane in a way each polygon vertex is surrounded by the same polygons and in the same order.

What are polygons that are regular polygons?

regular polygons are the ones that all sides are equal

How do you solve the kinds of polygons?

You cannot "solve the kinds of polygons". There are essentially three types of polygons: Regular polygons in which each angle is the same and each side is the same. Irregular convex polygons in which at least one angle or one side are different but there are no reflex angles. Concave polygons in which there is at least one reflex angle. Convex and concave are usually defined in terms of whether or not the enclosed space is closed, but the above definitions may be simpler to grasp.