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If in doubt, stop before the crossing, while not causing an obstruction, and use the telephone at the crossing (UK) to ensure you have time to cross the lines before the next train. Obviously, other countries may be different, so my answer is UK only.

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Q: Undefinedi'm hauling hundred pounds of division 4.3 dangerous when what materials do I need to stop at a railroad highway crossing?
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Dangerous When Wet Materials are division 4.3

What is the DOT hazard class for dangerous-when-wet materials?

Dangerous When Wet materials are in Division 4.3

What are class 1.1 materials?

Class 2 division 1, more properly called division 2.1, is for flammable gasses.

What is a division or class?

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Class 1 - ExplosivesClass 2, Division 1 - Flammable gasClass 2, Division 2 - Non-flammable, non-toxic, non-poisonus gasClass 2, Division 3 - Poisonus gasClass 3 - Flammable Liquid - tolueneClass 4, Division 1 - Flammable solidClass 4, Division 2 - Spontaneiously combustible materialClass 4, Division 3 - Dangerous when wet materialClass 5 - Oxidizers and Organic PeroxidesClass 6, Division 1 - Poisonous - ArsenicClass 6, Division 2 - Infectious Agents - AnthraxClass 7 - Radioactive materials - Uranium hexafluorideClass 8 - Corrosives - Sulfuric acidClass 9 - Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials - Solid Caron Dioxide (Dry Ice)

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