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Q: Under the main heading on a place value chart are how may places?
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How do you put eight tenths in a place value chart?

First few places in place value chart: (Thousands) (Hundreds) (Tens) (Ones) . (Tenths) (Hundredths) (Thousandths) If you have eight tenths, then it would just be: 0.8

What period in the Indian place value chart has been divided into three places?

ones ,thousands, lakhs, crores

Where is the tenth's place on a place value chart?

The tenths place in the place value chart is in the second column.

What is are some of the importance of career progression chart?

A career progression chart helps you determine whether you are heading in the direction you wish. It helps you make decision on whether to continue pursuing your dreams in a given place or move to another in order to achieve your ambitions.

Is there a place value chart in Spanish?

Yes, there is place value chart in Spanish.

What does a place value chart look like?

what does a place chart value look like

Why is millions where it is on the place value chart?

because its the 7th place on the value chart to the left

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Indian place value chart?

The Indian place value chart is the place value system we use. Each column going left is ten (10) times bigger than the previous column; meaning that each column going right is ten (10) times smaller than the previous column. In this system, between the units (1s column) and the tenths (1/10s column) is the decimal point. For example, in the Indian place value chart they take a number like 253 and segment it. the 2 is placed in a column under the hundreds place, the 5 is placed in a column under the tens place, and the 3 is placed under the ones place.

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What is 100kM in centimeters?

kilometers and centimeters are 5 places apart on the place value chart. KHD(base)dcm Move the decimal 5 places. 100km=10 000 000 cm

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What two locations can you place a chart in Excel?

They can be embedded in a worksheet or can be on their own chart sheet.

How many meters is 843 cm?

Meters and centimeters are two apart on the place value chart. Move the decimal 2 places. 843 cm=8.43 m

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Place/places is the present tense.I placeWe placeYou placeHe/she placesThey place

How do you make a place value chart?


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What is the definition of a place value chart?

is a chart used to determind the position and value of a digit in a group of numbers

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What is the fourth place from the right on the value chart?


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