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Q: Unit of acceleration in mks system?
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What is the mks unit for acceleration?


What is the acceleration of gravity in mks system?


Which of the following is correct unit for speed in MKS system?

The correct unit for speed in MKS system is 'm'.

What is the mks unit for acceleration gravity?

The MKS (meter-kilogram-second) unit for acceleration due to gravity is meters per second squared (m/s^2).

What is mks system?

when the unit of any physical quantity is measured in terms of meter or kilogram or second or in combination of these then it is said that unit is in MKS system.

What is the cgs and mks unit of acceleration?

cgs: centimeter per second2mks: meter per second2

Is gravity the same as weight?

No, gravity and weight are not the same. Gravity is the force that pulls objects toward each other, while weight is the measure of the force of gravity acting on an object. Weight can vary depending on the strength of the gravitational pull, whereas gravity itself is a constant force.

What is the difference between mks system and si system?

mks unit for before 10 years old ,now all engineering using only SI unit only

What is the extended form of MKS system of measurement called?

S.i unit

What is the unit of power of lens in mks system?

The dioptre, which is equal to 1/meter.

What is the unit of temperature in MKS?

The unit of temperature in MKS (meter-kilogram-second) system is the Kelvin (K).

What is the unit of stress in MKS system?

Stress has the same dimensions as pressure: force per unit area. In the SI, therefore (or in other MKS systems), the units would be newtons / meter2.