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3 quarters 3 nickels and 10 pennies





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Q: Use 3 kinds of coins to make a dollar with a total of 16 coins?
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Use 4 kinds of coins to make a dollar?

half dollar, quarter, nickel, twenty cent peice ( yes, they do exist)

What 25 coins make a dollar?

3 dollar 3 coins

How many coins will make a dollar with 6 coins?

5 of 10 Cents = $0.50 1 of 50 Cents = $0.50 6 total = $1.00

A girl has a pocket full of coins Yet she doesn't have the right combination of coins to make change for a nickel dime quarter half dollar or dollar What is the largest value of coins she can ha?

Assuming she is using current US coins, she has 4 pennies, 4 dimes, 1 quarter and 1 half dollar - 10 coins for a total of $1.19. She could, of course, also have any number of dollar coins as well.

How can 20 coins make a dollar?

20 5 cents coins

What five coins make a dollar?

5*20 cents (Australian) make a dollar. In US and Canadian coins, a 50 cent piece, a quarter, two dimes, and a nickel also make a dollar.

Do they make 50 dollar coins?

Not in the US.

What 15 coins make a dollar?

5 dimes and 10 nickels make 1 dollar.

What 10 coins use to make dollar?

10 x 10c coins

Using only three types of coins make a dollar with the greatest number of coins?

Using pennies, nickels, and dimes: 85 pennies 1 nickel 1 dime Total = 87 coins.

If a man has 1.15 in six coins but can not make change for a dollar half dollar quarter dime or nickel what coins does he have?

half dollar, quarter four dimes

How much is your 5 dollar complete presidential coins worth?

These are 1 dollar coins. If you have 5 of them all in uncirculated condition the total value will a few dollars above face value. If they are 5 coins that were acquired from the bank or change to make the set it is worth 5 dollars.

How do you make a dollar of sixteen coins out of 3 different coins?

3 quarters+ 10 pennies+ 3 nickels= 1 dollar

What 25 coins will make change for a dollar?


How do you make one dollar with 50 coins?


How do you make a dollar into coins?

ask someone to swap.

What 3 coins make 1.50?

Three half-dollars (three 50-cent coins). In US coins, a dollar and two quarters (dollar coins are not well-circulated).

Make a dollar out of 13 coins?

8- 5cent coins 4- 10cent coins 1 -20cent coin

What is a 1960 dollar coin worth?

The U.S. did not make any dollar coins with that date.

How do you make a dollar with coins?

You can make a dollar with any sorts of combinations of coins. A dollar is 100 cents. So 4 quarters or 2 $.50 pieces or 10 dimes or 4 nickels +8 dimes.

How many 10 cents coins make one dollar?

10 dimes make one dollar.

How do you make one dollar using three different types of coins and use sixteen coins in total?

four dimes equal 40 cents ten nickels equal fifty cents ten pennies equal 10 cents Add the 3 groups of coins for one dollar

How do you make 2.52 with 9 coins?

2 dollar coins 5 dimes 2 pennies

Which coins make a dollar?

The answer will depend on which country's dollar: there are many countries that use the dollar as a currency and they have different coinage.

Most amount of coins you can have and still not make change for a dollar?

One half dollar, one quarter, four dimes and four pennies. It equals $1.19. You can not make change for exactly one dollar with those coins