Use Nom de plume in a sentence?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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My favorite author uses a nom de plume.

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Q: Use Nom de plume in a sentence?
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What is a sentence with the word nom de plume?

Charles Dodgson is best known today by his nom de plume, Lewis Carroll.

Do you have to register a Nom de Plume?

a 'nom de plume' is apseudonym for writers. There is no registration.

What is a writer's nom de plume?

name of pen, which also states that John McGinley is awesome.

When is it correct to use the term nome de plume and when to use an alternative?

"Nom de plume" is the French term for a pen name, which is used by authors to write under a different name. You can use "nom de plume" interchangeably with "pen name" depending on your preference or the context of your writing.

What is the writer's nom de plume?

A writer's nom de plume is a pen name or pseudonym that they use instead of their real name. It allows them to write under a different identity for personal, professional, or creative reasons.

What did Nom de Plume do to Stephen King?

Nom de Plume, a fellow author, accused Stephen King of stealing the idea for his novel "Misery" from one of Nom de Plume's own works. The accusation was vehemently denied by King and the matter was eventually settled out of court.

What is davis's nom de plume?

George Eliot

What is Viaud's nom de plume?

Pierre Loti

What is the french term for a pen name?

nom de plume

A sentence with the word ficticious?

An author's fictitious name is their nom de plume, orpseudonym."The defendant's story is obviously fictitious, your honor"

What is another name for an undercover name?

An 'alias' or 'nom-de-plume'.

What type of person would have a nom de plume?

Plume in French = pen in English, so, a 'nom de plume' is a pen name, exactly the same as an internet nickname. Classicly, however, a typical user would be an author who wished to remain anonymous.